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Content writer

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As a former editor of sites targeted at investors and sport fans, I specialize in articles and blog posts. I also have experience with product writing i.e. product reviews, descriptions, manuals etc.

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Why We Decided To Build a Better Word Puzzle Game

The mobile gaming industry is broken. Loot boxes, endless push notifications, and a toxic advertising ecosystem all chip away at our attention span and overall mental health. Recognizing this, a growing movement of digital word and puzzle games, like Netskrafl, are building a quieter, more mindful approach to mobile gaming.


How will COP26 impact the economy of the Dominican Republic?

The representative of the government of the Dominican Republic at the COP26 summit, Orlando Jorge Mera, has announced that he has signed the declaration for “Action on forests and land use” together with the representatives of 100 other countries at the event. This declaration commits its signatories to stopping and reversing deforestation and land degradation by 2030 and allocates US$19 billion to this goal. Meeting these goals without damaging the economy of the Dominican Republic is a sign


The problem with shipping

The ongoing backlog of ships in Southern California’s port waiting to be unloaded, and in other global ports, has raised the attention to the weaknesses in our global supply chain system.


Buy Now, Pay Later: exploring the opportunities the new credit plan offers for investors

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment credit system is one of the latest biggest trends in the fintech sector. Surging demand has helped BNPL companies offering services to grow rapidly. So what is Buy Now Pay Later and what does it mean for fintech investors?



Content Manager

I was a manager for a team of writers from Kenya and an editor for sites: born2invest.com and mobsports.com.

Company: Mobcast

I worked there from 2/2019 until 1/2020

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