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About Me

I've creating online content for more than a decade. This is partially due to my diverse personal and professional background which helps me write knowledgeably in many different industries on a vast range of topics. I've traveled extensively and lived overseas several times as the child, then the spouse of military enlisted members. 

I worked as a paralegal for several years, providing remote services to various attorneys in several states. These experiences along with my college education in paralegal studies honed my research skills. This is a valuable asset for a writer. 

I began telecommuting from my home office in late 2001, long before it evolved into the common work arrangement it is today - a testament to my drive, commitment, and creativity. Some of the roles I performed in my first decade working from home include medical billing data entry, English tutor for business professionals in Europe, English tutor for school-aged children, transcriptionist, phone sales, virtual customer support, research technician, virtual assistant, and associate editor on several educational newsletters.  

After earning my Associate's degree in paralegal studies I turned my focus to the legal sector. A few years later, I segued from full-time paralegal work to legal writing. I soon discovered that I had a knack for writing and was able to quickly branch out to many other industries. Eventually, I was creating online content full-time as a freelance writer. My work for several SEO agencies gave me valuable knowledge and insight on creating search engine optimized content that is also engaging and informative for real audiences. 

Currently, I work as a freelance writer and marketing entrepreneur. I spend my spare time renovating a 40-year-old large raised ranch house I purchased this fall.

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