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About Me

I am a small business consultant, coach, mediator, book publisher, publishing project manager, author, and freelance writer with extensive experience in various areas. Please see my LinkedIn profile (above) to learn more about my background and my Medium page (https://medium.com/@slowcharacter) to see additional writing samples.

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My Writing Samples

How Freelancers Can Work with Small Business

"30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. need your help... While looking for takers for your freelance marketing services, don’t overlook the enormous small business market. Having been the owner of a few small businesses whose income mostly came from serving other small businesses, I can tell you this: We need your marketing help, but we also need to be convinced of its value, that it won’t squander our limited time and money. Here are 8 generalized tips for approaching and working with us.


Tap Into Who You Are and Bring What You Have to the World

"8 ways for authors, creatives, side hustlers, solopreneurs, and micro-businesses to customize and optimize their marketing efforts... Having written a book, monetized your art, started a freelance side hustle, or launched your small business are all incredible achievements, and those who focus their creativity in one of these ways should make the most of that foundation. Share your content, your art, your products, and your services with the world. Integrate your enterprise and its..."


Enhancing Your Presence in Life, Work, and Relationships

"5 areas to explore for showing up and being there... As I pursued my interests in coaching and mediation (facilitating conflict resolution/conflict management for others) and began noticing more and more similarities between these two fields as far as skills and mindsets, I found myself returning to the idea of presence. How one is. How one shows up...."


Service Marketing 101: One Way To Build a 100% Referral Business

"An idea, a mindset, and a formula of ‘yes, I can’... Yes, I can do that. This is how I can help you. I saw my dad say variations on these two things my whole life. Sometimes he helped as a favor, sometimes in exchange for favors, sometimes for whatever someone offered ($10, $50, a case of beer, salvaged building parts), and when he built up to it — real fees (his kids would type up invoices for him). Yeah, I can fix your car. Yes, I can get a crew of guys to paint your house, build you..."



Owner, Consultant, Coach, Project Manager

Conspire Creative helps authors, publishers, and content enterprises, those who have or are starting a small creative, thinking, or publishing business or project, as well as those who are juggling multiple such projects or enterprises (by choice, circumstance, or default). Service areas include editorial (book publishing, start-to-finish), consulting (publishing, small business), coaching (small business, ethics), and mediation (ADR, conflict coaching, facilitation of difficult conversations, o

Company: Conspire Creative

I worked there from 3/2015 until now

Owner, Publisher, Project Manager

Everything Goes Media, LLC, is home to publishing imprints Lake Claremont Press (since 1994), Everything Goes Media (since 2011), and S. Woodhouse Books (since 2014); distribution imprint Lake Claremont Press: A Chicago Joint (since 2015); and Conspire Creative, which provides strategic consulting, editorial, coaching, and mediation services for authors, publishers, and content enterprises (since 2000, re-named in 2015).

Company: Everything Goes Media

I worked there from 5/2011 until now

Owner, Book Publisher

Lake Claremont Press celebrates the power and character of place for our particular corner of the globe, Chicago and greater Chicagoland. Our nonfiction histories and guidebooks foster and reveal Chicago’s special identity by exploring our city’s history, culture, geography, built environment, people, and lore. We publish authors with specific Chicago passions and knowledge and local organizations with Chicago-centric missions. We are a small, independent, niche publisher and we stand broad-shou

Company: Lake Claremont Press

I worked there from 9/ until /

Freelance Writer

Business, publishing, travel, and lifestyle articles for local, national, and online publications including American Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, and Crain's Chicago Business.

Company: Miscellaneous

I worked there from 1/ until now

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