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About Me

Writing comes naturally to me. Honing language to concise perfection is a thrill. Writing has always been there, to frame my experiences with electronics for art. I design and repair audio/video hardware, including firmware code, user interfaces, graphics and the web. Passion for technology propels me, in our homes, at work, on the road and in space. In every field I have been employed, I have been persistently pulled away, to fix or create compelling copy.

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My Writing Samples

How Does an LED Work?

In an ordinary diode, there are two kinds of silicon sandwiched together. Where they meet, electricity can only pass in one direction. The electrons lose momentum when they pass. In an LED, these two layers of silicon are carefully formulated so that electrons can fly through without losing momentum, and as they rush through this boundary, they emit photons. The relationship between silicon layers, which makes this magic happen, is called a Direct Band Gap.


Stock Options Trading Education

Take the mystery out of stock options trading. Stop buying course after course, guessing your trades and constantly losing money. We specialize in helping you transform your trading so you can work whenever and wherever you want, and improve your quality of life. With the right knowledge success is guaranteed. Attend our FREE webclass now:


The Complete Shark Tank Proposal Guide

Don’t expect them to buy into your company if you previously made a deal with someone that is forever collecting royalties on your idea. Owing royalties makes a company hard to sell. In spite of the bad reputation royalty deals have, if your only option involves Kevin taking a couple dollars of royalty on each unit, it’s still likely better than not taking any offer at all. The sharks would not make an offer they don’t expect to make money on.


Transparent Message Display

The latest version is curved to conform to the arch and tilt of the window. Messages are selected from the vehicle’s on-board computer via touchscreen, click, or voice command. Visually communicate with drivers of approaching vehicles about the road or area conditions ahead, without blocking the rearview mirror. The animated graphical images function as a lightbar with steady or strobing lights, and traffic advisor. The Stealth Screen™ can be contoured to the shape and size of any window.


Voyager 1 Discovers Previously Unknown “Magnetic Highway” at the Edge of the Solar System

On August 25, sensors on the probe detected a sharp decline in the low-energy particles from solar wind, and a corresponding permanent increase in high-energy cosmic rays. Since these particles from our sun were expected to stay within the heliosphere, and cosmic rays from outside this safety-bubble supposedly could not penetrate it, scientists were nearly ready to declare mankind had finally officially left the solar system.


Ableton Vs. All Other DAWs

The old standard, Pro Tools, has relinquished it's throne to Apple's own Logic in many of the most high-end studios. If this classic style of software recording suits you, Reaper offers equal capability for far less money than either. These are all great choices for recording and mixing, but are they the best for raw creation? This is where Ableton Live comes in. Ableton has one thing every other DAW lacks: the Clip Launcher.




Copywriting, web design, graphic design, network administration, quality control, and content creation for a firm specializing in Day Trading education. https://wealthbuildersinstitute.com/

Company: Wealth Builders Institute

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

Copywriter, Web Designer, Hardware Sourcing, User Interface Design

Sales copy and website design. Hardware sourcing and user interface design for the Transparent Changeable Message Display, testing and quality control. http://Poliforce.com

Company: Poliforce

I worked there from 11/2015 until now

User Interface Designer, Technical Writer, Copywriter

C++ firmware programmer for a FPGA-based 5G telecom repeater product. User interface design for JS/HTML5-based setup software. Technical writing and sales/promotional copy.

Company: SOLiD Distributed Antenna Systems

I worked there from 10/2020 until 6/2021

Digital Marketing Specialist

Copywriting, web design, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing. the first patented daylight-calibrated 500W LED single-chip grow light.

Company: Go Grow LED

I worked there from 9/2015 until 10/2016

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