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Content Writer

About Me

Hi there,

I want to apply for the role of Content Writer within your Company - to be able to put my skills and experience gained over the last ten years - by learning, practising, and progressing within skills needed to be a specialist in the areas of Language Localization, Content Creation and Technology CS / Tech Support in the International Business related to also: hardware and software development.

The entire Internet functions thanks to textual content.  The most crucial search engine relies, in fact, on the distribution of knowledge.  The content is nothing but its carrier. The most important factor influencing the development of the Internet is business. I do understand it very well, and my purpose in writing content is to be informative, easy to understand, and SEO aware at the same time.

I do more concise myself as a generalist - if it comes to topics I do write about as a freelancer. However, as I have experience as a Language Localization Specialist, Transcription Admin, and Technical Support for companies like Apple Inc. or HCL Technologies - my niches are mainly Technology, Business, and Coaching.

Please see my Portfolio Blog posts as reference:


I would also like to share my LinkedIn profile as per work experience references:


I am more than willing to become a full-time writer - I am passionate about Tech word and Human Sciences like Behaviorism, Psychology, and Coaching. 
Please see my lifestyle blog post as a sample:


In the end, I wish to add that I do follow deadlines strictly and double-check my grammar, punctuation, style, and sources to provide the best service I can to my Contractors, Editors, and Project Managers.

Thank you for your time,

Ismena Walczak


Content Writer, Language Specialist, Technician

My work experience is Technology industry - like Apple Inc. or HCL Tech, but I did start to freelance at the first lockdown in 2019. Since then, I did ghostwrite three non-fiction ebooks - about Cryptocurrencies, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning. I also have experience working as a CS Trainer and HR Manager in a few workshops and lectures related to Behaviorism. I do learn and research: Psychiatry, Psychology, Neuropsychology, Biotech, Self-development, Self-improvement, Motivation, Produ

Company: Apple, Welocalize, UpWork, LinkedIn

I worked there from 5/2009 until now

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