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Death Positive Joy Ambassador and Creative Writer for Hire

About Me

Ahoy, fellow storm rider! 

Let's get to the point: I write about Death. 

I write about other things in the topsy turvy, wild and whirling world of the living (look at that! I suppose you could hire me to write tongue twisters as well!).

Other than the profoundly sacred and inevitable process of dying, I write about old things.

Historic Preservation, historic real estate, etc. Everything from renovating an 18th century French Chateau, to what do do with grandma's now-suddenly-worth-something china, to why that barn on Mormon Row in the Tetons is worth saving (a barn I have personally worked on, most photographed barn in the WORLD). 

I can provide concise, exciting and relatable content for you and your brand on all things old, ancient, mysterious or moldy. 

Now when it comes to more than just aging out of existence, I am also here to provide you with expertly researched and thoughtfully written Death Education and End of Life Services material.

You are welcome to visit my website www.fantasticfreelancer.com for more info on how to navigate the choppy waters of death and dying, estate planning, caretaking and more.

I also work as an ambassador for the Joy Syndicate, my true employer and mission in life. Joy is a Birthright and I am here to work hard, play hard, and be of service to you in any way that I can be.

I offer niche writing services on death, dying, caretaking and community, end-of-life planning and all things orbiting the world of mortals as we march on towards the great unknown.

I am a lifetime member of The Professional Writers' Alliance, the American Writers and Artists Institute and a founding member of the Holistic Death Care Society.

I'm a creative writer for hire, and happy to help. 

Also a big Star Trek nerd.  

Email: rachel@fantasticfreelancer.com

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Writer, Owner, Operator

My blog, my business, my bread, butter and baby! (tell me you're intrigued) Topics: Death and Dying, Death Education, Death Positive, Legacy Work, Life Affirming, Greif and Trauma Recovery, Caretaking, Community and finding Joy!

Company: Fantastic Freelancer

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

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