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Senior Financial Executive

About Me

I teach  how to make money online working from home. I am a voice-over artist, video creator, and freelancer and have been earning an income online for the past 4+ years. Not only that, but I want to share with you some wisdom and skills I have gained on real and honest ways to make money online.  

My  article will be  on how to earn money and  how to make money doing data entry or micro tasks, as a website tester, survey taker, research participant, and more! I also want to help you grow your skill set by teaching you how to make money selling your skills, how to learn skills that will make you money. My teaching style is clear, authentic, genuine, and straight to the point. Subscribe to my article  to get started on your new career as a work-from-home freelancer!  

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Personal Finance

Personal finance has always been an important topic for people of all ages. Personal finance is a term that refers to the combined ways in which we, as individuals or households, can manage or control our resources and expenditures. Personal finance includes two main components: - how we earn and spend money, and - how we save and invest money to achieve financial goals. Personal finance is the management of money and other assets. The big things in finance are undoubtedly related to personal



Finance Executive

• Assessed companies are dealing with difficulties identifying possible corrective strategies based on financial and operational data. • Reviewed financial reports and streamlined operations to increase productivity and company profits. • Evaluated competitor data and statistics to develop a business investment strategy and drive growth. ° Created systems to organize municipal bond transactions and sales to strengthen operational efficiencies. • Handled internal and external inquiries and

Company: IBM

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