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About Me

A marketing professional who specialises in copywriting and content marketing. I have experience writing articles, blog posts, sales pages, product descriptions, email sequences, website copy, and promotional messages (storytelling). I write for the finance, sales and marketing industries. I write content that gives results.

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My Writing Samples

How to improve your cash flow

Cash flow management tips for entrepreneurs


6 Things you should consider when choosing a business loan provider

Choosing a business loan provider is an essential decision that has to be taken seriously. Entrepreneurs should be guided by data when choosing a business loan provider.


How your accountant should add value to your business

Most entrepreneurs think that the duty of accountants is to help them with their taxes only. The role that accountants play in business broad. Small business owners have to know how their accountants are supposed to help them grow their businesses apart from handling their tax returns.


Why you should save money

There are still people who don't save money. They live by the notion "why save when you are going to earn money again". Saving money is not always about emergencies. Sometimes you have to save money so that you do not miss out on opportunities.


6 benefits of budgeting| What is a budget plan

Some people do not know the importance of having a budget plan. They think that a budget plan is nice thing to have not a necessity.


10 sign you are spending more than you can afford

There are people who are living beyond their means yet they are not aware. In most cases there are sign to show you that you're spending more than you can afford. Being aware of these sign will help you stay within your affordability.


8 easy steps to growing your wealth| How to grow your wealth effectively

The rules of money do not change. They always stay the same. However, everyone has to adjust them a bit to suit their situation. For you to grow your wealth there are certain rules that you have to follow consistently in your everyday life.


How to set digital marketing objectives

Most people struggle with setting digital marketing objectives, especially those who are attempting digital marketing for the first time. They do not know what to expect from their investment in digital marketing.


How your brand can generate more leads through blogging

Some managers still don't know the value that blogging can add to their businesses. They do not know how they can use content marketing to generate leads for their companies.


How to improve engagements with your audience

Getting audience to engage with your content is one of the hardest tasks in content marketing. However, there are tricks that you can use to get people to engage with your audience.


What is performance marketing| How to get performance marketing right

Performance marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business. You pay your marketing agency based on the value that they add to your business.


How to find content opportunities for your eCommerce store

It is not easy to find content marketing opportunities for eCommerce businesses because the market is saturated. There a lot of business engaging their audiences through content marketing. It becomes challenging for emerging eCommerce content marketers to establish themselves.


How B2C keywords differ from B2B keywords

To succeed in B2B marketing you have to understand how B2B keywords differ from B2C keywords. There are different participants in these two markets with different needs. Using a blanket approach will not help you succeed in these two markets.


A quick to understanding the ABCs of Paid Search

For you to succeed and get the best return out of your investment in paid search, you should have a thorough understand of what exactly is paid search.




I was tutoring finance and accounting to university students.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 2/2016 until 11/2021


I started my career as a direct response copywriter. I write email sequences, product descriptions, product pages, sales pages and promotional messages.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 11/2020 until now

Content Creator

I write articles, blog posts and newsletters.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 9/2020 until now

Marketing Officer

I am in charge of creating all the marketing communications of the company.

Company: Greater Efforts

I worked there from 8/2021 until now

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