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content writer, editor

About Me

I'm Pradeep Malakar, a freelance content writer for over 2+ years. I specialize in content creation, blog writing, and SEO optimization. I'm adaptive, error-free, and able to customize my work to highlight your exact needs. With over 300+ articles, I specilize in self-improvement, technology, and spirituality. Apart from writing, I'm a fitness freak, an avid reader and a meditator. 

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My Writing Samples

No more mistakes while finding your passion

Finding your real passion is not an easy task, many people do mistakes while finding their real passion, and as a result of it, some are unable to find their passion, and some are stared believing in their wrong passion.


5 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful

Breaking the myth "Success comes to those who are smart and hardworking"


My Secret to Learning Anything

How to learn any skill within 6 months time with utmost focus, concentration and dedication


Simplest time management trick that worked for me

Time management practises to utilize time in more efficient manner



Content writer and editor

It's a lifestyle blog where I work as writer and editor.

Company: bookofbarbering.com

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Content Writer

worked as freelance writer

Company: Laasos.com

I worked there from 1/2020 until 2/2020

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