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About Me

Hey! I write well-researched and SEO optimized articles. I am an engineering student doing a bachelors in technology, so naturally I do have expertise in the same. However, I am also good at researching material online so any niche works with me. 

Funnily enough, that would be more than half the people on this platform, right? I won't bore you with writer jargon and tell you a bunch of stuff you do or don't understand, what I will do however, is be there for effective communication at all times, correspond to feedback to match the vibe of your website/business. I am not here to sell articles, I am here to work and grow as a writer. This isn't my full-time job, it's a hobby, which means my bills don't depend on it. Now it could be a good or a bad thing, but I am sure because my job doesn't depend on high-paying clients, I can focus more on the learning and writing aspect of the job.

In the end, do what matters for your business. I'm available for hire if my style intrigues you.

Piyush S.

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