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Author - When I Met Myself

About Me

I am an author of the book - When I Met Myself which is a composition of conversation between self and soul about leading a meaningful life. The conversation is in the form of Questions raised by the author and answered by his soul. The author here starts by asking about the real purpose of life and the definition of real success. The soul elaborates about the true purpose of life and the way to achieve real success by identification of one's true ability and then setting of proper goals. The soul also elaborates on the method of making attempts and handling failures on road to success.

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Book - When I Mt Myself

A nonfiction book available on Amazon and kindle.


Excerpt from the book

As I have already told you, everything is either integrating or disintegrating, being created or getting destroyed; nothing is stationary. Our universe too is at present in a constant phase of expansion, all the known 170 billion galaxies are expanding. A time will also come when everything in the universe will collapse. So, it is true for humans too, either you are progressing forward or moving backward. Nothing is static; do not think that by sitting idle, you will progress.




When I Met Myself

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