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Author of "The World Explored, the World Suffered" series of Philosophical works with extensive experience in writing, proofreading and editing material in following areas:





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Age of Discontentment

Introductory Chapter of Volume 4 of the work "A Philosophical History of Psychology, Cognition, Emotion, Consciousness, and Action"


The World Explored, the World Suffered: Exeter Lectures

The Exeter Lectures is the first part of a trilogy and is a work of philosophical/ educational fiction. Its fictional component is composed of a middle-aged Romeo-Juliet drama which ends with two deaths in Venice and a youthful adventure that takes Robert, the narrator from trauma in South Africa to a teacher training institute in England where he discovers Philosophy and befriends an alcoholic lecturer who had once studied under Wittgenstein.


A Philosophical History of Psychology

It is almost as if the Delphic Oracle's challenge to "Know thyself" is on everybody's mind in our contemporary culture but no one knows how to go about the task. Psychology is, of course, the "modern response" to this challenge but the kind of knowledge it has produced does not meet the challenge and this calls into question the "divorce" between Psychology and Philosophy during the late 1800s in the wake of Hegel and Schopenhauer's "revisionist" approach to Philosophy.


A Philosophical History of Psychology Vol2

The Golden Age of Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment are three historical ages with significant underlying Philosophical and Educational intent. In this work the image of Ariadne’s thread in the labyrinth where the Leviathan-like Minotaur dwells is used to illustrate the hidden cultural phenomenon of continuity of ideas that sustain our Cultural journey throughout ages. The ideas of Aristotle and Kant are key arenas of achievement in our cultural History.


A Philosophical History of Psychology Volume 3

The Juggernaut of War and Economics has flattened our philosophical landscape—transformed it into a cultural wasteland in which facts and information lie strewn about the world like dead bodies. The mother of the Juggernaut was the Minotaur from the Platonic cave and the father was Janus, the two-faced four-eyed monster that guarded the territory of Roman tyrants. A number of Philosophers throughout the age have complained about our forgetfulness of the many meanings of Being.



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