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About Me

I am a lone parent of three children who are now young adults. I am also a Journalist for a publication in Malaysia. I am exposed to the politics of the country, the economy, and what happens to the community at the grassroot level. My network is, I would say, alright as a Journalist. As they say in Malaysia "Bolehlah!"

As a working mother in the field of Journalism, I have learned the struggles of single parenting. It is not easy to juggle between kids and work. Nevertheless, the struggles have been very enriching. This is probably a bit cliché but I really won't trade the experiences for anything. The best of experiences that builds up people and characters are, after all, the most difficult of journeys since it leaves the deepest mark in ones life. 

Recently, I have begun painting. I find I am good at it. Not really up to expert level, but what is an expert anyway? For others, they call me an expert, but I, myself, know that the journey of an artist is forever evolving. We will never reach perfection, but we're close by all the time.   

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Real Estate

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I am a general reporter, which means I cover all types of events. I guess that means I am the Jane of all trades, and wear many hats as a Journalist. I cover politics, floods, fire, crime, education, food, entertainment, community and environment. If I miss out anything here, I probably forgot to add it because I cover whatever there is to cover as reporters are asked to do so. I even cover court proceedings and write about that too. I like Journalism since it is not like other 9 to 5 jobs.

Company: The Borneo Post

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

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