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Using psychology and human understanding to get your words recognized, read and remembered.

About Me

Words alone can't achieve your content marketing objectives. As important as the words you use is understanding how humans interpret words based on where they see them, who writes them, how your words sound, and even what time they see them.  

I know this because of my background that combines human understanding (through 15yrs of researching consumer behavior) and writing (through 10yrs of editorial experience). This means can understand:

Do you want to know how human understanding and psychology can get your words recognized, read and remembered? If so, I'd love to talk further. 

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My Writing Samples

Humour in marketing and value creation? You must be joking

An article for the World Advertising Research Council that discusses humour's role in marketing.


5 Tips to Enhance Your Tone of Voice

A guest blog post to give advice on how to improve tone of voice.




Editor-in-Chief of Research World. Research World is the market research industry's largest website. I'm responsible for all editorial duties. These include: editorial planning, content editing and maximizing traffic by ensuring Research World has content to engage our audience of market researchers.

Company: ESOMAR

I worked there from 11/2015 until 1/2022

Senior Director

Responsible for writing: case studies, marketing content, awards papers, research reports and global thought leadership content based on research.

Company: Northstar Research

I worked there from / until now

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