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A writer with more than 20 years of experience in journalism, freelance writing, editing, ghostwriting and the book industry.

About Me

I am a former journalist who wrote articles on topics relevant to the Deaf/HOH community. My articles on homeschooling, education and parenting have appeared in various national magazines. I have also provided content on education for various websites. My articles have also covered animals, history and writing for various magazines and email newsletters. As a ghostwriter, I have written articles, newsletter copy, nonfiction books and blog posts. I have written book blurbs for authors as well as ads for charity organizations and entertainment fan clubs.

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Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Ghost Dreams

Ghosts visiting dreams


Five Tips to Make Your workday More Successful

Article for writers


The Sound of Love: My Life as a Deaf Mother

Original essay published in Mothering Magazine


Are Human Diets Really Safe for Pets?

Feeding pets human diets instead of regular pet food has become a huge trend, but is it safe? One veterinarian shares their expertise.


"What's That Spot on My Beardie?" Signs of Illness in Bearded Dragons

What to look for in detecting if your bearded dragon may be ill.


Are Turtles a Good First Pet?

Turtles may be a popular pet, but are they right for you? Here are tips in selecting a pet turtle and their care needs.



Staff Writer

Wrote articles on Deaf parenting, education and assorted issues relevant to the Deaf community.

Company: SIGNews

I worked there from 5/2003 until 4/2012

Book Reviewer

Reviewed books

Company: Night Owl Reviews

I worked there from 2/2010 until 1/2012


Wrote articles on a variety of topics.

Company: Demand Media

I worked there from 2/2011 until 9/2011


Wrote articles related to the paranormal

Company: The Shadowlands

I worked there from /2004 until /2007

Content I Write