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About Me

I am a psychiatrist, public health doctor and non-fiction writer. I have published 13 books, the first seven for medical professionals and the more recent six for an educated, lay audience.  I am working on my 14th. I have published ~500 articles for print and on-line publications, including the NYT, WSJ, Atlantic, Commonweal, US News and World Report (where I wrote an Opinion column for 2+ years), The HuffPost (>200 articles, and where I was Medical Editor for Mental Health), Psychology Today (>100 articles), Medscape, and other publications. I founded and directed Columbia Psychiatry Media, where I worked with a number of national educational organizations. I taught non-fiction writing at Columbia Medical School/Department of Psychiatry to doctors and scientists (trainees and faculty) for 18 sequential semesters, always over-subscribed.

I have produced or appeared on quite a many audio and video podcasts, and until Covid was a frequent public speaker.

I am an Adjunct Professor at the Columbia University School of Public Health; have been Medical Director/EVP of McLean Hospital, a Harvard Teaching Hospital; Director of Clinical Services for the American Psychiatric Association; Mental Health Commissioner for NYC (in the Bloomberg administration); and Chief Medical Officer for the NY Office of Mental Heath (the largest state mental health agency in the country, with an annual budget of ~3.5 billion. 

There is more, like awards and what-not, but this may be enough for this introduction?


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Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Unique Mental Health Consequences of Covid

see title


The Addiction Solution

Book published 2018 by Scribner; Treating our Dependence o Opioids and Other Drugs




Access and quality of services for the entirety of public mental in NYS, including 22 state-run hospitals and 30 state-run clinics, licensing and oversight of ~ 2500 community based mental health clinics and hospitals, oversight of ~500 psychiatrists working for NYS, oversight of two of the largest psychiatric research centers in the US (NYS Psychiatric Institute/Columbia and Nathan Kline Institute/NYU), and a variety of clinical innovations I introduced.

Company: NYS Office of Mental Health

I worked there from 4/2007 until 10/2021

Commissioner of Mental Health for NYC

Provision and quality of mental health services for the 5 boros

Company: New York City, Bloomberg Administration

I worked there from 6/2002 until 4/2005

Chief Medical Officer

Provision and quality of clinical services at the Harvard Teaching Hospital

Company: McLean Hospital

I worked there from 5/1989 until 3/2000

Content I Write