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Expert Content Writer. Education & Personal Development Specialist 🌸 I help self-development brands and educators create quality content that keeps people reading and increases conversions ✍️

About Me

Hi, my name is Anneke. I’m an expert content writer with a PhD in Education and years of research experience in the personal development sector. My main areas of expertise are Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education with a focus on personal and professional development, self-help, spiritual growth, and self-care. I am also a published author in the field of Education and the founder of the personal-growth blog Skill & Care.

This background has helped me to acquire the subject matter expertise, writing skills, and marketing experience needed to provide custom content solutions to self-development brands and professionals around the world. As a freelance content writer, I collaborate with life coaches and educators, small business owners, B2B companies, and professional organizations to write high-quality online content that boosts brand awareness, increases organic traffic, and generates conversions. In addition, I provide a range of educational resources, for print and online publication, such as course materials, articles, and books that require expert subject knowledge or relevant professional experience.

My writing services include:

βœ… SEO blog posts
βœ… Expert articles
βœ… Web copy
βœ… E-books
βœ… White papers
βœ… Case studies
βœ… Course materials.


Certificates & Professional Training

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Dr. Anneke Schmidt
Expert Educational Content Writer
Founder, Chief Author & Editor of Skill & Care

Portfolio: https://skillandcare.com/content-writing-services/

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How to Build Community in Online Classes Using Online Discussion Boards

Expert article discussing practical ways to build learning communities through asynchronous class discussions and distance learning programs. Article type: question post. Article aim: informational/educational.


How to Explain Scary News to a Child

SEO blog post providing tips and resources for parents and caregivers on how to explain scary news and current affairs to children and teenagers. Article type: question/list post. Aim: informational/educational.


9 Stages Of A Break-Up And How To Get Through Them

SEO blog post explaining 9 common breakup stages and providing tips for how to get through them. Article type: list post. Aim: informational/promotional.


Discussion Board Automation: How To Assess Student Participation in No Time

Expert Article demonstrating how AI-assisted discussion tools can simplify the process of aggregating and grading student participation in asynchronous learning environments and online classes, in particular. Article type: question post. Article aim: informational/educational.


How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship And Practice Self-Care

SEO blog post exploring practical ways to move on from a toxic relationship. Article type: combined question and list post. Aim: informational/promotional.


How To Plan A Self-Care Day – 7 Great Ideas To Try Out

SEO blog post suggesting seven self-care ideas to try out on a Sunday. Article type: combined question and list post. Aim: promotional/organic traffic.


Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset – 14 Ways To Cultivate A Growth Mindset

SEO blog post exploring the difference between having a growth mindset and having a fixed mindset when it comes to learning something new. Article type: combined comparison and list post. Aim: educational/promotional/organic traffic.


Working With Big Ideas About the Study of Religions & Worldviews

Teacher handbook outlining the "Big Ideas" approach to curriculum reform in Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics, as applied in the "Principles and Big Ideas of Science Education" project in the context of STEM subjects. Publisher: University of Exeter. Aim: educational.


Stress-Management Plan – Managing Stress Through Self-Care

SEO blog post explaining what a personal stress-management plan is and why it is good to have one. Article type: question post. Aim: course promotion/organic traffic.


How To Improve Your Organizational Skills – 11 Practical Tips

Blog post exploring practical ways to improve your organizational skills. Article type: list post. Aim: informational/link building.


Mood Journal Template

Freebie/lead magnet for personal development blog to grow email subscriber list. Ebook: Mood Journal Template


Goal-Setting Journal – A Practical Guide To Set, Visualize & Commit To Your Goals

E-book/digital workbook for personal and professional development. Aim: educational.


30 Days of Simple Self-Care - Managing Stress

Landing page for online course: Managing Stress Through Self-Care. Aim: course promotion.


How To Write A Letter To Your Future Self (And Send It)

SEO blog post explaining how to write a letter to your future self in ten easy steps. Article type: list post. Aim: informational/promotional/organic traffic.


How To Deal With Heartbreak: 16 Great Tips To Ease Your Pain

SEO blog post providing 16 practical tips for overcoming the profound pain that is often caused by heartbreak. Article type: list post. Aim: informational/promotional.


FREE Mandala Coloring Pages

Subscribe page for FREE template: mandala coloring pages for adults. Aim: subscriber attraction.


9 Stages Of A Break-Up And How To Get Through Them

SEO blog post explaining 9 common breakup stages and providing tips for how to get through them. Article type: list post. Aim: informational/promotional.


Gratitude Journal With Prompts – 52-Week Gratitude Journal

Product description for digital resource: A Year of Grounding Gratitude (interactive gratitude journal). Aim: commercial.


Message To My Future Self – Digital Booklet For Future Self Journaling

E-book/digital workbook for personal development and self-care. Aim: educational.


What Is Your Authentic Self? 7 Qualities Of Authentic People

Blog post exploring the meaning of authenticity on the basis of seven qualities most authentic people have. Article type: combined question and list post. Aim: informational/link building.


Textbook For Teaching Religion, Philosophy & Ethics In The Upper Secondary School

Contribution of three chapters to an academic textbook for multi-faith Religious Education and Ethics. Publisher: University of Exeter. Aim: educational.



Freelance Content Writer - Personal Development Specialist

At Skill & Care, I provide resources for lifelong learning, personal growth, and self-care and help self-development brands and educators create quality content that keeps people reading, boosts brand awareness, and increases conversions. I provide blog posts and articles, web copy, e-books and white papers, case studies, and course materials. For more information, check out my portfolio: https://skillandcare.com/content-writing-services/

Company: Skill & Care

I worked there from 8/2018 until now

Specialist Language Services Provider

As a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), I provided academic editing, proofreading, and translation (German/English) services with a particular focus on Social Sciences & Education, Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics. My work ranged in size from major (e.g. multi-author) academic books, educational textbooks, Ph.D. theses, and Master’s dissertations to journal articles and website content such as expert blog posts.

Company: BeiLingua

I worked there from 1/2017 until 1/2021

Doctoral Researcher - Department of Social Sciences & Education

During my time as a Doctoral Researcher, I conducted theoretical research on the place of theological understanding(s) in non-confessional, multi-faith Religious Education in English schools without a religious affiliation. Thesis title: Discovering Views of the Divine: An Interreligious, Transcendence-Orientated Approach to Theological Content in Religious Education

Company: University of Exeter

I worked there from 9/2016 until 8/2020

Research Assistant - Department of Social Sciences & Education

I co-authored and copy-edited the RE textbook Freathy et al. 2018: Who is Jesus? Supplementary Materials for Religious Education in the Upper Secondary School. (Exeter University Press). I also co-authored the CPD Handbook Freathy et al. 2020: Working With Big Ideas About the Study of Religion(s) and Worldview(s): Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Methodological RE: A Handbook for Teacher Educators, Teachers, and Teacher Trainees. (Exeter University Press).

Company: University of Exeter

I worked there from 12/2016 until 1/2020

Private Tutor in Modern Foreign Languages

I provided language courses in German, English, and French (from beginners to advanced level), focusing on grammar and conversation. I taught individual students and small classes of up to eight students (teenagers and adults) and administered all facets of the business. I also recruited students on an ongoing basis.

Company: Language School Pfaff

I worked there from 2/2002 until 7/2016

Editorial Assistant

I completed a 6-month editorial internship at Thomas Daily, a local newspaper for international real estate markets. I wrote, edited, and proofread newspaper articles and received professional in-house training in proofreading and copy-editing.

Company: Thomas Daily

I worked there from 8/2001 until 1/2002

Languages I Write In

Content I Write


Proof reading

I was immensely impressed with Anneke’s eye for detail on the recent writing, editing, and proofreading she carried out for us. She is a step above other freelancers I have worked with in the past and I felt confident that the finished product was well-written and accurate.

Helen Denman, University of Exeter