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Freelance writer focusing on engineering and technology

About Me

Ryan Clancy is a mechanical engineer, freelance writer, and blogger. With 5+ years of mechanical engineering experience, he's passionate about all things engineering, especially mechanical, and bringing engineering down to a level that everyone can understand. Ryan lives in New York City, and has experience writing articles, white papers, and eBooks, at sites such as Engineering360, EngineeringClicks, Engineering Solutions, Clinked, Bricsys, Mechanical Engineering HQ, and more.

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My Writing Samples

Million-mile battery could end the internal combustion engine

The client requested an article in the Electric Vehicle sector, and we eventually settled on an article centered around new battery technology that was being developed.


The technical side of ice cream

The client desired an article about how ice cream was made, including some history on the previous methods that were used to create ice cream.


Revolutionary New Metal 3D Printing Technology (Selective LED-based Melting)

Introduction to metal 3D printing including definitions of the various existing metal 3D printing processes New SLEDM process which uses LEDs instead of lasers, where this technology has developed and why it is better than existing methods


Rocket Thruster Exploits the Mechanism Behind Solar Flares

Colonizing Mars seems to be a common goal of many aerospace engineers and scientists alike these days (shout out Elon Musk), and one physicist may have just devised a way to take us there. Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) Principal Research Physicist (try saying that five times fast!) Fatima Ebrahimi has developed a new kind of rocket thruster that takes advantage of the science behind solar flares.


Best Jobs for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

If you are thinking about pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, in the middle of one or have just finished, you may be interested to know what options you have in front of you with regards to your career path.




▪ Consulted with clients from all over the world to produce technical content, white papers, eBooks, social media posts, articles, and blog posts for websites with upwards of 2 million monthly users, like GlobalSpec ▪ Performed research to produce the above-mentioned content related to engineering, finance, technology, medicine, careers, education, real estate, and more ▪ Designed and developed a 19-part video Computer-Aided Design course with voiceover for a new online learning center

Company: Mechanical Engineering HQ

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Mechanical Engineer

Engineering and design from conceptual mark-ups to ACAD production ▪ Perform site surveys, inspections and construction punch lists ▪ Review shop drawings and submissions ▪ Enhance drawing and specification standards ▪ Communicate with staff, clients, contractors and vendors ▪ Attend meetings to ascertain project demands and requirements ▪ Perform project management manpower assessments ▪ Review overall project designs for coordination and quality control

Company: Engineering Solutions

I worked there from 3/2020 until 8/2021

Engineering Manager

▪ In charge of in-house Mechanical Engineering design services which allowed the company to offer turnkey services. Note: My designs were peer-reviewed for accuracy, value, and NYC Building Code compliancy by a licensed professional engineer ▪ Performing project and individual space heating and cooling load calculations, based on psychrometric principles and project-specific characteristics (i.e. building construction insulation values, glazing performances, space occupancies and configurations

Company: LTB Mechanical Corp.

I worked there from 9/2017 until 3/2020

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