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Editor and liaison for B. Sol Trife

About Me

Attached, I have a resume, just for professional sake. 

It gives you a clear idea of who I am.  A lost college student who has managed to get his nose in many industries he could've easily skipped college for. It can feel like a burden for the most part, but somehow, after all this time dealing with all of these perspectives, therein lies an advantage for whatever I plan on doing the rest of my life, which is not any of the jobs listed in that document.

That's who I am on that level, but you can see why I'm here. I do like to write. I find it the best way for me to communicate how  I really feel about things, and since this is the opportunity for me to do so, why not share the voice I've built doing just that. 

It amazes me how there are so many opportunities out there for writers, but some have a harder time experiencing it on a professional level, mainly me. I'm a bit low on professional experience. All I could say I have done was write for a student paper and broadcast program and manage my own blogs in three different eras of my life thus far. I'll be glad to share if anything else. 

But of course there is always freelancing, and I’ve always loved that concept, and I'm willing to build up a professional portfolio with what I consider to be a gift. As mentioned before, I've gathered many perspectives, and I've worked with many different people. I know that as a writer, that is one thing I have to offer that I hold of high value. Apparently I can build some sort of brand doing this, and I wouldn't mind doing it for the sake of paying some bills while nurturing my skill.

I recently moved to Chicago as a mean to take in a new environment with new people,  while also gathering inspiration for my own work, which I hope to publish in the near future. 

 If there's an opportunity for me to sit down and put some words together for the benefit of a worthy project, I'm all for it. I have a library card out here and I can say I’ve gotten a bit better with how to approach things, at least in this sense.

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My Writing Samples

The Curious Case of Pablo Whassisname

A piece I wrote on Kanye's latest effort at the time that drove up traffic to this blog I used to manage and got me my first writing gig under a former editor of Vibe Magazine.


Reflections on Views on Time

That very article.


Originally Content

A newsletter that includes most of my writing in recent years.




A newsletter where I share most of my writing up to this point.

Company: Originally Content

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Verizon Tech Coach

Provided service excellence to thousands of Verizon customers through technical support and education, billing assistance, and security.

Company: Asurion

I worked there from 7/2019 until 1/2021

Housekeeping Department

Kept all public areas clean in the nation's largest non-gaming hotel. Houseperson and laundry attendant at the Fairlane.

Company: Gaylord Opryland & Fairlane Hotel

I worked there from 12/2016 until 11/2019

Production Assistant

Worked behind the scenes during morning, evening and late live broadcasts. Operated camera, generated graphics, controlled audio and assisted the technical director and the talent during the shows.

Company: WRCB-TV

I worked there from 4/2014 until 5/2016

News Director

Produced weekly newscast for the broadcast program at school. Wrote scripts, assigned stories, assembled a news team, and executed for the school to see throughout campus.

Company: Mocs News

I worked there from 1/2012 until 5/2011

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