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Freelance writer

About Me

I'm currently an Active-Duty military musician with broad experience writing about education, music, and travel. 

My experience teaching and performing in colleges, universities, and schools across the United States and Europe have given me unique skillsets and perspectives on instructional design, corporate training, e-learning, curriculum development, and learning theory. 

I'm also an accomplished comedy writer and enjoy writing about several lifestyle topics such as fitness, travel, craft beer, and Scotch whisky, mostly from the Islay region.

Since I am genuinely interested and curious about several topics, I am a great choice for practically any genre. I truly love what I do, and I bring the level of excellence one would expect from a skilled musician and military member.  

Let me know how I can help you bring your project to life.  


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My Writing Samples

Brass Band Course Proposal

A course proposal for new curriculum at the Naval School of Music


14 Ideas To Help Reduce Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

A blog post providing practical steps to help with performance anxiety in teachers and performers.


Trumpet Instruction at the Naval School of Music

A detailed description of trumpet instruction at the Naval School of Music in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Using Practice Sessions to Improve Fundamentals

A how-to practice guide that helps brass musicians of all ages. Published in Instrumentalist magazine.


Typical 21 Week Lesson Plan at the Naval School of Music

A guide for instructors at the Naval School of Music to help plan the course of instruction.


Correct Practice Makes Better

A blog post outlining best ways to make practicing a musical instrument more efficient. It also be applied to any skill.


Fake Bugles Hit Wrong Note

A personal story demonstrating the importance of using live buglers vs a recording for military funerals


Guidelines for New Adjunct Faculty to Help You Feel Kind of Welcome

A humorous article about the difficulties that many adjunct faculty encounter at large universities.


My Experiences After One Year Of Meditating

A descriptive article about how I tried to habitually meditate for a year.



Public Affairs/Operations Chief Petty Officer

Wrote and edited news articles for Program Notes, the US Navy Music Program's quarterly newsletter. Wrote scripts for ceremonies, performances, and video projects. Created detailed reports for all performances. Wrote course curriculum requests, whitepapers, and instructional worksheets for military schools.

Company: US Navy

I worked there from 7/2007 until now


Wrote articles, blog posts, and white papers on skill development and learning theory. Wrote detailed course outlines for individually-tailored lessons. Created learning sheets and whitepapers for community college programs. Wrote copy for local businesses and freelancers in travel, music, and wedding industries.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 5/2006 until now

Content I Write