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My name is Mark (English) Scott. I am an avid reader of business-related materials and technology articles. My reading habit got me into the writing vocation. Due to my vast experience in writing, I’m able to write content based on any niche, timely, and objectively. My experience in writing includes article writing, SEO content writing, and proofreading.

On a quest to extend my productive influence to a suitable audience, I took out time to profile highly rated content writing platforms. After hours of research for a platform that would offer me freelance writing projects at a competitive payment, I landed on nDASH. I want to work for nDASH because there’s a steady workflow and well-paid projects, especially at higher levels.


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My Writing Samples

Protect Your Home With a Mold Inspection

Creating and maintaining a clean and inviting home is an important part of a happy and healthy life. There are many dangers that can lurk in the household, some of which can go unseen.


Toyota's New Infotainment System 2022

Learn about the features and functionalities of Toyota's new infotainment system. Keep reading to know what makes the design stand out.


2021 Ram 1500 Trims in Detail | Pricing, and Configurations

The 2021 Ram 1500 edition comes with seven different trims to suit various needs. Check out the details and price for the 2021 Ram 1500 trims here.


2022 Acura RDX vs 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2022 Acura RDX features a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 272 horsepower. Its 10-speed automatic transmissions allow for quick and smooth performance while making it more fuel-efficient.


2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Models

The Grand Cherokee is widely considered a solid choice for anyone interested in buying an SUV. This, of course, is doubly the case if you're specifically looking for a midsize SUV vehicle to take off-roading.


How Does Botox Work?

In a world full of beauty and transformation, everyone is trying to look younger and slay. Keeping the beauty measures in mind, science has made great technologies that work for the beauty transformations. Botox is also considered as one of the beauty aspects that fit well for wrinkles and creases that develop when you age.


What Is The Treatment For Anorexia?

Anorexia or Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological condition where people develop an eating disorder by limiting their energy intake resulting in unnaturally low body weight.


Air Conditioning Service

If you live in an area where you suffer from heat during the summer months, you should consider installing an air conditioning system in your home. This type of solution will change your life. Once installed you can stay inside and enjoy the comfort of your home. Don’t forget that this kind of system needs proper air conditioning service to install and maintain it.


Why a Mortgage at Salt Lake City?

Skimming through social media,you often come across those mind-blowing homes that you get so enthusiastic about owning, especially when they have a backdrop of beautiful natural sceneries that you can view at the comfort of your home.


Top Fashion Stores Around Woodland Hills to Shop Online

One cannot separate fashion from Los Angeles. As days go by, we all feel the need to update our wardrobes. Luckily, the fashion stores near Vert have something for everyone. Here are the top stores that offer shipping to woodland hills la apartments.


How to Easily Manage Chronic Pain With Simple Steps

Living with persistent pain can significantly take a toll on your life, and it can seem as though no one understands. If you suffer from constant pain, several tricks and therapies can help you cope. Continue reading to find out more.



Web Content Writer

As a freelance writer, I have around 10years of experience in copywriting, content writing, SEO Writing, Press Release, Article/blog, Ghostwriting, Marketing Copy, and content marketing for a variety of industries such as healthcare, technology, automotive, animals, marketing, and businesses.

Company: SteadyContent

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Web Copy Writer

Worked with a variety of clients across different brands and industries, such as cannabis and healthcare. Wrote various types of web copy in the form of home, service, and location pages, in addition to infographics and product descriptions. Collaborated with clients to refine copy to their liking.

Company: TheHOTH

I worked there from 9/2015 until 4/2020

Freelance Writer

Wrote various types of gaming industry articles, ranging from video game guides to regular gaming news. Worked as a part of a team of editors to revise and edit my work based on feedback. Occasionally, pitched ideas for editors to approve, with one such article garnering over 100k+ views. Over 150+ articles written to date.

Company: Valnet

I worked there from 4/2013 until 8/2015

Travel Copywriter

Worked among a team of writers and editors to write and revise copy for location scouts and producers in the film industry. Assigned my own client information with which I was to develop a full page of copy, according to editor guidelines. Performed site inspections - copy in which I provided information on a variety of locations in a specific region. When necessary, conducted additional research in order to write copy with accuracy and precision

Company: Premier Travel Media

I worked there from 9/2010 until 12/2013

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