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About Me

I’m a warm, informal, outgoing, and congenial person who gets along comfortably with most people, meets new people easily and enjoys doing so, and works as well in group situations as well as one-on-one.

I’m a persistent, eager helper; has the kind of comfort with intangibles required to do work requiring an intuitive understanding of others’ viewpoints and feelings.

I’m able to reach and stimulate others while being aware of and sympathetically interested in their needs. Unselfish and derives satisfaction from doing things for other people and being liked and appreciated by them for doing so.

I’m patient and relaxed; am a particularly tolerant and understanding listener. People and I are easy to talk to and feel no pressure or impatience from this rather easygoing, accepting person. I do listen non-judgmentally and can understand many different sides of an issue. My unselfish and uncritical interest in others is helpful in developing and maintaining personal relationships. I “wear well” in repeated contacts, think of others first, and will often put their needs and interests before my own. I’m driven to help others, including company management, colleagues, direct reports, or customers.

I’m Informal and a little offhand in style; fairly casual about the exact standards or policies of the company’s book or the precise accuracy of the details of my own work, preferring to delegate details rather freely, with loose follow-up. I have the kind of patience required to focus steadily on a consistent process over long periods of time and work which should primarily involve contact and communication with people rather than precise handling of details. While I’m low-key in developing contacts with people, I cheerfully persistent in doing so.

I’m a stable person who functions best when working in a familiar environment among familiar people and would be less effective if required to work infrequently changing situations or conditions.

While a fairly flexible person, I require time and cooperation to digest, practice, and adapt to change or new situations.

I can be unassuming, cooperative, agreeable, and particularly socially focused; their understanding of others, and ability to get along well with them, are strong qualities. I’m much less effective with complex work of a technical nature which requires exactness and accuracy with details. I can be very effective in situations that require frequent contact with others, communicating and collaborating, and understanding different viewpoints.

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Learned to appreciate my skills on the basketball court and would rather just enjoy using the basketball than have it use me. It does lead to attracting others and having greater opportunities off the court.


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Forklift Operator/Inventory Control Clerk

Operate powered industrial lift trucks and order pickers to push, pull, lift, stack, or move product, equipment, and materials Use a handheld scanner with a high degree of accuracy Load and unload trailers as needed Adhere to the 7S program and maintain a clean environment at all times Display a commitment to process excellence Perform inbound receiving processes Lift frequently and greater than 75 lbs. occasionally Lift objects of various shapes, sizes, and weights

Company: Midwest Service & Supply

I worked there from 5/2020 until 11/2021

Freelance Content Writer

I write and edit articles for the Internet. I work for offline media, such as newspapers, magazines or television stations, and prepare their content, or their information can be created directly for the Internet. It is my duty to create content but also do exclusive research on the Internet. I can do work with standalone or as an editor for companies.I write and edit articles for the Internet. I work for offline media, such as newspapers, magazines or television stations, and prepare their cont

Company: Textbroker International

I worked there from 10/2019 until 8/2021

Inventory Control Clerk

Stuart Manufacturing INC. Division Summary: Process material per manufacture work instruction through different computer software


I worked there from 5/2018 until 7/2018

Online Translator

Collaborative translated documentations Being served with tasks where I see both the original text and suggested translations produced by our artificial intelligence technology. Improved my skills and speed Starting at a base rate per hour, I could work my way up to higher rates, depending on skills and the pace at where I can translate paid tasks.

Company: Unbabel

I worked there from 1/2018 until 7/2018

Administrative Assistant

Scanning documents of various sizes and in bulk quantities Uploading documents to a cloud-based document retention system Demonstrated understanding and comprehension of documents Demonstrated ability to follow work instructions

Company: Alpha Rae Personnel,Inc.

I worked there from 10/2015 until 1/2017

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