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aspired writer

About Me

My name is Akiriya Robinson, and I am an Aspired writer. I've written on many topics before, but my main focus has always been politics and social life. many of my writings have always been personal to me being that I write on a sensitivity level majority of the time. being a freelance writer will enhance my ability and mindset of becoming a stronger and successful writer. Writing is something that I have always been passionate about since grade school, with my friends and family seeing the content and writings I've created and acknowledging my high skilled abilities on what I am able to do has only made me grow as a writer and gave me that push to only thrive harder and go further with my work. I would like to use this platform to show many more of what I am able to do because I know that I can and will do anything I put my mind to. so, with that being stated I would like to say that I do enjoy a good challenge whatever the topic is, and argument is I will have you guaranteed that i will in no doubt be prepared to declare a victorious statement for great achievement.

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My Writing Samples

my conversation on generation z

this is something I wrote on dealing with generation z and todays society


short nonfictional story

a story I wrote back in school to grab a young adult's attention



overnight stocker

yes, I've been at Walmart for quite some time now, but I have also been writing on the side to as well.

Company: Walmart

I worked there from 11/2018 until now

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