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About Me

Based on my observation, communication is not effective if it is not:

1. Chronological
2. Concise
3. Clear

I believe, every communication has to be clear, concise, and presented chronologically. Most communications will be effective if the following points are well defined:

A. Communication purpose
B. Communication genesis
C. Present position/status
D. Communication outcome

On autobio.in, content published from the accounts of Chintan Ghelani, Pragna Ghelani, and Arun G are written by me.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Personality (Trump) vs Character (Biden)

Every time I hear about the US presidential election result, I strongly feel that this election is about Personality (Trump) vs Character (Biden).


World View

Since the Cold War between the US and the erstwhile Soviet Union, there has been a perpetual debate on the best way to rule a country. This debate is predominantly between democracy vs dictatorship


Psychological Evolutionary Phase

Humans have undergone numerous evolutionary phases. Neanderthals evolving into Sapiens was the evolution of the human body and mind. The spinal cord straightened and the mental capacity of humans increased during this Physical Evolutionary Phase. During this evolutionary phase, the survival extinct of humans ensured perpetual improvement for the human body and mind, making humans more adaptable for survival.


Ownership and inheritance culture the cause of downfall for human civilization?

Humans are progressing when we talk about economies, technology, medicine, science, etc. Then why are we not progressing as a civilization? Pandemic, wars, violence, global warming, shortage of natural resources like air, water, food, and shelter for the majority population in the world when Earth has abundance resources for everyone...




Drive sales and business development activities for Digital Connectivity and Power business unit with a focus on critical infrastructure, government, railway/transportation, defense, and internal company business.

Company: Siemens Ltd

I worked there from 3/2021 until now

Content I Write