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Network Engineer with twelve years' experience taking on progressively larger projects with more responsibility. Avid traveler and dog person.

About Me

I'm an experienced network engineer (12 years!) with industry knowledge spanning wireless, software defined networking, and data center infrastructure. I've also done extensive traveling throughout the USA and a bit of international travel as well (Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand). I love to write about the following topics:

I've written opinion pieces for TheLatest, a news aggregator and blog, and I also write book reviews for the American Library Association. I've recently taken on some freelance content writing as well. I truly enjoy putting together my thoughts on paper--I even like writing documentation at work!

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My Writing Samples

The Enigma Machine

This device was used by Germans during WWII to send encrypted messages. Once it was cracked, the Allies were able to decode all of their messages. I got to see one up close and personal.


Foraging for Food in Colorado Springs




The pastry of pastizzi was my favorite growing up. I explain how to make the pastry, filling, and how to shape and bake them. They're addicting!


Unexpected Wine Country in North Texas

Wine and wind your way through North Texas Hill Country


Chicago: A Vibrant Midwest City

A wonderful destination for anyone who loves lake front cities.



Network Administrator III

My group manages the WAN and Wireless connectivity for the school district. We've completed a data center refresh, finishing up installing external wireless outside every school, and will be undergoing a wireless refresh next year.

Company: Denver Public Schools

I worked there from 3/2020 until now

Senior Network Engineer

Responsible for the network connectivity for every office and each application that allowed the company's web conferencing software to perform as expected. We managed data centers around the world and completed a data center refresh in our Colorado Springs data center.

Company: Premiere Global Services, Inc

I worked there from 11/2018 until 3/2020

Network Analyst III

Supported customers world wide for a wholesale ISP. Troubleshooting layer 1 issues and routing issues as well, installing new equipment and performing upgrades.

Company: NTT America

I worked there from 6/2017 until 11/2018

Member Technical Staff, Engineer III Spec-Network System Assurance, Technician - Switch, Intern

I started as an intern in 2009 and was hired into the switch in Southern California in 2010. The regional switch processed voice and data calls along with maintaining billing information. Then, I transferred into a group to turn up the new data center and operated as the sole onsite technician for over a year managing vendors, installations, and ensuring the project met its deadline. I moved to Texas in 2014 to continue working in that data center to fill coverage needs.

Company: Verizon Wireless

I worked there from 5/2009 until 5/2017

Content I Write