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Creative Content Writer

About Me

Hi there! I'm Jenni. I create narratives that educate, challenge and heal. I obtain a B.A. in Media and a passion for vulnerability through creative narrative, copywriting and social media content. I love stories. I love people. In fact, I think stories and people have the capacity to change the world. I'd love to connect with you and be a part of telling your story.

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My Writing Samples

When You Say ‘I Love You’ But Don’t Hear It Back

No matter how we feel about them, all we are able to own are our thoughts and our feelings. All we really get to do is listen to what they say in return, to hear how they choose to love us. Or how they don’t.


On Remembering

A place can be so assuming. Passing judgment and memories instead of reciprocating niceties. No matter the face you put on or the arm you reach out. You can walk past or through them with your head down or up and regardless, it will stare. Places do not forgive you. And they definitively do not forget.


How to be Beautiful

Isn’t it funny? The things that we see, The ads and the sounds That planted deep seeds “If you do as we say, and not as we do, You get the cake But can’t eat it too.”


The Point Of Pain

I have noticed that grief is a lot like that twist on your left side when you’re running sprints. You notice the sting. Your legs halt for a moment. Is the cramp there because you were running or because you stopped?



Head Writer

• Write, direct and market blogs, TikToks, short films, music videos for commercial clients, agencies, and personal brand. • Creative consulting businesses and artists for visual branding.

Company: Jenni Johnson Productions

I worked there from /2015 until now

Contributing Writer

• Writing and distributing contemplative blog pieces

Company: Thought Catalog

I worked there from /2021 until now

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