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GLMontag, LLC

About Me

Writing and editing have been a part of my life and career in many different ways. I have an eclectic background and a unique ideology when it comes to conveying different topics. I’m an independent writing and editing professional who loves a good challenge. I’ve had the pleasure of writing various assignments for non-profit, higher education, in the hospitality industry, and other areas since starting my own business in 2019. I’m a passionate writer who loves working with people and hearing their stories. So many people have a story to tell, and I help them convey their thoughts and find their voice. 

Former supervisors and co-workers have commented on my communication skills, attention to detail, and how pleasant it is to work with me. I’ve always been a descriptive writer, with a good balance of factual content mixed with emotionally provoking details. This can also be seen even when I describe people and places in my novel. Most importantly, I’m a writer who can edit well. I pride myself on my ability to constantly diversify and take on different kinds of writing and editing projects. I was an English major, so I value the importance of being able to conduct research and having a sharp eye. I go the extra mile when it comes to research and fact-checking, and pointing out aspects that are not just mainstream or commonplace. 

Further information about me as a writer can be found on my website, GLMontag.com. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

Portfolio Sample

This list of samples is from my website. I'm directing you there because there are also links to more academic writing, and also excerpts from my novel. It's so important to be a diversified writer in today's world.



Independent Writing and Editing Professional

I work with clients across the country on various writing and editing projects. I also run the business myself and take care of all advertising, correspondence, and clerical duties.

Company: GLMontag, LLC

I worked there from 2/2019 until now

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