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About Me

I am Kari Mynhier, a graduate of Indiana University East with a BA major in Technical and Professional Writing and minor in Spanish. My goal is to help clients with website creation and management, blog and document writing, social media content, and written Spanish translation.

I also write creatively on my own, and I have published a number of young adult fiction novels under the pen name Kari Lynn M. as well as created paintings and other art pieces that I sell on my Etsy shop, CanvasByKari. Outside of work, my number one hobby is playing with my nieces and nephews.

I have the most experience in writing blog and article posts for various client websites. I am also well versed in writing product descriptions for retail websites, including eBay.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Celebrate National Poetry Month with These 9 Collections by Contemporary Poets

This is a list-based piece I have written for Ask.com that includes descriptions of 9 different contemporary poetry books.


How Hard Is It to Take Care of Discus Fish?

This is one of many blog posts and articles I have written for PetsAndAnimalsTips.com. In this post specifically, I help readers understand how to take care of discus fish, a freshwater fish that is particular about the pH level and temperature of its water. I knew that this fact was the main deterrent for aquatic owners looking to take care of discus fish, so I tried to acknowledge it in this post while still explaining to readers that they can easily make their fish comfortable.


What Is the Best Terrarium Habitat for Bearded Dragons?

I have written multiple articles and blog posts for PetsAndAnimalsTips.com. This is one article on how to choose and set up a terrarium for a bearded dragon, a unique pet that requires a lot of warm light and fresh plants to stay happy and healthy in its habitat.


Overalls Over the Centuries

This is a sample of my written work on the history of fashion and American-based style. In this article, I talk to readers in a conversational manner that's easy to read yet still informative. I also chose this topic on my own, and I chose the topic, the history of overalls, because I found that there was not much written content on it out there. This makes this article much more SEO and search engine-friendly.


How to Mix Paint Colors

This is an example of a blog post I have written within the "DIY" of arts and crafts category. In this post, I explain the process of mixing acrylic paints to achieve different colors, and I include photos I took myself for added explanation. My focus when writing this post was to stay one "step" ahead of what readers would need to know, so I broke down the process of mixing paint into very small chunks that could be scanned easily or perhaps re-read for clarification.



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Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

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