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About Me

Technology, civil rights and solutions: understanding how technology is changing society and making people’s lives better.  Special interest in civil justice reform using technology and campaigns to bring about change.  I convey the co0mplex in simple terms illustrating the technical with word pictures that translate technical concepts to real-world settings in terms everyone can grasp instantly.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

CJC: the people's access to justice

A critique of the history, role and current work of the UK Civil Justice Council for which the author successfully campaigned.


How neutral evaluation can save £454m

Blog looking at how ADR and technology combined can save the UK health service £454m


Previews of 2022: The Past, Present, and Future of (A)DR in England and Wales

A review of changes affecting the market for Alternative Dispute Resolution services and how they will affect society.




Director of a technology platform that manages ADR cases in the Cloud

Company: DisputesEfiling

I worked there from 1/2015 until now


Founded and led this law firm based in the City of London until the Cloud technology platform I founded in 2015 began to take too much time. So focused on the platform full time from June 2016

Company: GUISE Solicitors Limited

I worked there from 4/2003 until 6/2016


Elected to a 2 year term of office as leader of this professional association representing solicitors in London and led campaigns for a new building for the Commercial Court and the introduction of IT into the civil justice system of England and Wales.

Company: London Solicitors Litigation Association

I worked there from / until /

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