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Published Author, International Press Association Journalist-Correspondent, Copywriter Dedicated to Customized Content Creation

About Me

Ellen L. Gilmer is a published author, speaker and performance artist living in New York City. She has spoken and performed internationally and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. She has published two books with the Pentland Press Ltd. and Carnegie Publishing Ltd. in England: La Belle Famille, a novel, and Free Style Run of the Heart, a book of dramatic monologues with poetic songs, and Ellen is now an active KDP Amazon publisher. Her third book, Song Poems from the Cumulus Cloud and Creative Essays, was published through Create Space, an Amazon company. Ellen is also a correspondent for the International Press Association and has written many business articles and blogs for varied industries, art and performing arts reviews, press releases, buyer's guides and product descriptions. She has also written copy for interior design and decor, finance, real estate, health & wellness, lifestyle, exercise and travel promotion newsletters and websites. Ellen is an experienced copywriter and has also had experience as a book editor, copyeditor and proofreader. 

"My ultimate goal is to completely satisfy and even surpass the desires, expectations and needs of each writing client." - Ellen 

Website:  https://crystal-clear-writing-art-forms.com

Blog:  https://crystal-clear-writing-art-forms.com/blog-2/

Portfolio:  https://writers.work/ellenlgilmer

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My Writing Samples

Industry Pages for Environ Group's Expert Arborist Services

Our Environ Group professional arborists are not merely tree loppers. This fine team has the knowledge, training, skills and experience to supply your property development project with a wide selection of tree and land care services. We offer an extensive array of qualifications and work with the latest technological advancements to ensure you of factual and highly reputable arboricultural advice and services.


The Creative Significance of Silence within Dynamic Communication

The American author Mark Twain once declared, “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”7 Within the vast arena of art forms created throughout history and available to us today, we can all benefit from the lasting creative beauty and interpretive power of silence.


FeetUp Trainer Review: Attain a Healthier, Happier, Vibrant Life

Increase your balance and stability, tone your entire body, and empower your mental, physical and emotional responses for a calmer, more fulfilling lifestyle.


Multiple Healthy Benefits of Artichoke Extract Dietary Supplements

Daily dietary intake of artichoke extract can have an outstanding beneficial impact on your overall physical and mental health and well-being.


Mexico, the Maldives and Fiji: Intriguing Island and Seaside Destinations

Enjoy Genuine Luxury in a Completely Relaxed Setting with Gorgeous Ocean and Sunset Views. . .


Exciting New York City Events for October: Pro Football, Opera and Halloween Night

New York welcomes one and all to its own brand of harvest season festivities in October, so come take part and celebrate the city's fall calendar of spectacular sports, captivating culture and ghoulish glee.


Farmhouse Entryway Table Ideas to Dazzle Your Guests

From sleek and sedate to rough-hewn rustic, many varied fashionable table designs await your approval to dazzle and delight your guests.


A Simple Guide for Updating Kitchen Designs in Australian Homes

Enjoy the many top-caliber elements and features that only state-of-the-art kitchen design, construction, installation and finishing can accomplish.


Grand Central Terminal: Travel Hub with History and Stylish Allure

"The 'Crown Jewel' of Manhattan's Vibrant Energy and Vitality is Grand Central Terminal."


3D Animation Video for Architecture

Expert 3D Animation Video for Architecture Offers an Innovative View of Present and Future Structures


‘La Traviata’ in HD Splendor from the MET Opera

Opulent Elegance and Escapades of a Glamorous Parisian Courtesan: A Production shown in this summer's free online HD screenings from the Metropolitan Opera.


ZooNation’s ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ – Roundhouse and Royal Ballet

This subterranean yet very real-to-life fantasy is based on the classic novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Cryptocurrency News: Polkadot to Take Center Stage in 2022

Polkadot moves back into the cryptocurrency market limelight as a rising star in 2022.


Arrival and Consequences of Central Bank Digital Currencies in 2022

Central banks are entering the global digital currencies arena in 2022.


The New Lunar Rover Buggy from GM and Lockheed Martin

An innovative new Lunar Rover buggy design has arrived through collaboration by two leading industry giants.


Real Estate Syndicate Structures and Operations

Different Real Estate Investing Syndicates Have Varied Types of Structures and Operations.


Video Embedding vs. Video Linking for SEO

Should you choose video embedding or video linking on your website for the most effective SEO?


Winter Travel Excursions — Top-Rated Skiing Destinations

If skiing is your passion or just a sports skill you’ve been wanting to learn and haven’t yet tried, why not choose from the best ski resorts in the world for this year’s winter vacation? Believe it or not, there is still an abundance of amazing travel steals and deals waiting just for you. Bon Voyage! Photo


HEARTBEATS SPEAK in Helen Peterson’s Poetry-Dance Theater Performance

As a choreographer, poet and dancer, Helen Peterson creates concerts that artistically merge poetry’s music with rhythms and dance. When discussing her poem, “Excavation,” Helen states that it conveys “. . . the skeleton of a poem . . . pipes and whistles as it sings/ . . . conducts an orchestra of words.”


East Asian Alumni Performing Arts Conference (EAAPAC) at NYU

On August 10, 2019, the NYU Steinhardt program in Music Education presented the highly informative and inspiring East Asian Alumni Performing Arts Conference (EAAPAC). This full-day conference preceded a splendid Gala Concert at the Frederick Loewe Theatre, New York University, in New York City. The concert included instrumental, vocal and dance performances by internationally acclaimed NYU alumni and exceptional students of varied ages, including many talented young children.



Writer/Editor and Owner

Writing, editing, proofreading and page design for varied businesses, organizations and individuals.

Company: Crystal Clear Writing and Art Forms

I worked there from 1/1993 until now

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