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I am a freelance content writer with over 3 years of experience. I have personal knowledge of how to write for the web and create printable documents for people in various professions, as well as know the best ways to promote myself through my writing. I’m also skilled at optimizing my content while maintaining true meanings and principles.

I can take the direction of the employer to gain more business and I am capable of writing content in both technical and un-technical languages.

Communication and proofreading are two of my strongest abilities. As a result, creating error-free content is always beneficial. I never write without first researching the subject. I always conduct research on the specific topic I am given and attempt to identify the target audience before writing. That is the key to my phenomenal content writing career.

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Freelance Content Writer

1. Ability to write content, copy, and messaging in a variety of styles, voices, and tones, adaptable to different target audiences, product categories, and branding initiatives. 2. Skills Used Creative Writing Persuasive Writing Brand Awareness Marketing Client Relations Proof Reading Editing. 3. Researched, wrote, and edited original and high-quality content while consistently meeting daily deadlines in a remote position.

Company: DigitalHikes

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