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About Me

I am a writer-educator-produce grower with a PhD in Native American Studies that  focused on community self-development. I've lived in Barcelona, Tokyo, Milan, New York City, and the mountains of Mexico. As you can imagine, my knowledge base and my interests are diverse, but I really enjoy the process of synthesizing information and making it digestible and usable, clear and engaging.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Produce with a Purpose

Have you or a loved-one faced a cancer diagnosis and been told to eat more fruit and vegetables? Adding one more should to the overwhelming pile of shoulds that a cancer patient is facing can be a non-starter. One friend told the author that "Eat more veggies," was the worst advice she'd ever heard...at that moment. "What about my comfort food that I need more than ever?" "My appetite is already off. I can't give up things that still taste good to me." "I'm too busy going to appointments, and I


Writing samples

Examples of my writing across several genres and formats are available on this page.


Treehugger Planting Guide: Turnips

One of many explainers on planting for small farms and home gardens.


Interview with Indigenous Zapara Women's Leader

A deep conversation on culture, knowledge and invasive industries with leader Gloria Ushigua, leader of the Zapara women in Ecuador.



Freelance columnist

Articles featured small farm ambience and updates tie to current events, health or environmental issues, and then circle back to a plant-based recipe related to the topic at hand.

Company: Valley Communications News

I worked there from / until now

Freelance Writer

Mainly writing explainers on growing produce. Requires legitimate sources and succinct clarity combined with a friendly and encouraging tone.

Company: Treehugger.com

I worked there from / until now


"Produce with a Purpose: So your Doctor Told You to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables...Now What?" I wrote a book on eating more produce as a way to resist cancer, full of small-farm images, seasonal recipes, and topics like how to make soup from scratch, the beauty of small plates for a compromised appetite, how to replace white sugar without giving up sweets, and how to survive the holidays while still eating for wellness.

Company: Produce with a Purpose

I worked there from / until now

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