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Fintech and VC writer

About Me

I write and edit content for fintech companies and VCs. And I ghostwrite Twitter and Linkedin content for related topics.

In 2019, I started working remotely with a few small translations and content projects. Gradually, I learned to appreciate the benefits and the possibilities. Moreover, I became more and more interested in the beauty of learning about different topics. Especially the startup scene and fintech companies stood out to me. 

So I started diving deeper into these topics with my reading and writing.  

In the past, I've worked on productivity and self-publishing projects. Both websites have about 30-40 content pieces.

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My Writing Samples

Aspire App - Founder Academy

I managed and edited a blog section for Aspire App. This is the only piece I wrote myself. It's about the benefits of incorporating in Singapore as a foreign founder.



Freelance Writer

Full-time freelance writer. Working for brands including Soldo, Aspire App and Decode Strategy Labs

Company: Kjell Vandevyvere

I worked there from 10/2021 until now

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