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About Me

I am a graduate of the television/production program with over 10 years of writing and editing experience. I specialized in English and writing throughout grade school and in college. I have been working as a freelance writer for numerous years. I have worked for various clients on a number of different projects. As well, I have published my own paperback book.

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My Writing Samples

Have More Fun With Your Alexa Smart TV

Smart TVs have become increasingly intelligent with more and more applications and capabilities pre-loaded. This article will focus on Alexa Smart TV features and the fun that can be had with them. Many users of smart home applications are familiar with Alexa. But what most users do not know is that Alexa is much more than just an AI virtual assistant. Alexa is a friend. Alexa is here to have some fun. With Alexa Smart TVs there are several ways you and Alexa can have some fun together.


15 Best Restaurants in Coupeville, WA

Coupeville, Washington is a town located within the Federal Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve. Coupeville is known for its geographical location on the waterfront, and its world-famous Penn Cove Shellfish. Coupeville has been around since its official date of incorporation on April 20th, 1910. With over 100 years of history, comes 100 years of business, amazing restaurants, and local cuisine.


How To Write Product Descriptions

Learning to write a proper and engaging product description can sometimes seem intimidating. Product descriptions are really straight forward and simple once you know what to do. Starting with the basics of what a product description is and how to properly structure your writing will be a great block for you to build on.



Writer and Editor

Creating written content for various outlets and sources. Editing and proof-reading content of different formats. Re-formatting, re-writing, and re-styling of content.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Marketer and Administrative Assistant

Determining goals and distribution methods for marketing content. Using analytic tools to monitor performance and lead generation. Overseeing social media accounts to generate a prospective customer base. Creation of graphics, logos and ads using Canva and Adobe Suite. Answering phone lines, connecting with customers, and providing exceptional customer service.

Company: Capital Home Services

I worked there from 1/2019 until 12/2021

Content Creator

Developing, writing, shooting, and editing stories for a variety of channels. Organizing all media (including rough assets, edits for review and finals), upload video files and manage archive, both online and offline.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

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