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Histotechnician by day, writer by night.

About Me

     For the last ten years, I have acted as an assistant to a medical office manager, a position in which I grew to love copy editing, proofreading, and especially writing! In conjunction with the office manager, I created multiple brochures, website articles, and newsletters, formatting all of the work alone, from paperwork drafts to electronic releases. Proofreading and re-proofreading every single article, document, brochure, and more, for a medical office, I had to take into account that the words are technical/medical jargon and that they have legal binding; my main work was mostly done on patient treatment plan documents. You can rest assured that I will go through any project with a fine-tooth comb and that I know how to meet a deadline!     

     Currently, I work as a Histotechnician (a type of medical lab technician), but I want to return to writing, as I miss it. I need to create my online base, so I'm open to many varieties of projects, including editing and proofreading. In a perfect world, I would write horror, fantasy, and science fiction stories all day, lending my niche medical experience to my writing and editing. 

     My main interest is to create articles at this time. I write weekly, SEO-driven articles for a few clients, and I am currently accepting client/project proposals. I can promise you consistent, quality work delivered on time, every time. 



Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Gifts for Single Moms

A list of eighteen gift ideas for the single mom in your life.


Do Termites Eat Pressure-Treated Wood

An article I did for a client in the pest control business.


Top 10 Lesser-Known Creature Features

I made this article myself as an example of my casual tone as well as my personal interests.


Comparing Two Tires

An article I wrote for a client.



Treatment Plan Coordinator

This was my previous job for ten years, in which I grew to love writing.

Company: McGrath Dental Caring

I worked there from 6/2011 until 8/2021

Content I Write