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Writer and Developmental Editor, Thought Leadership and SEO Content on Healthcare, Technology, and SaaS

About Me

I've worked in a variety of professional environments and developed an aptitude for simplifying and communicating complex concepts, without losing the heart of the intended message.

My work has taken me from clinical research settings that required precise communication that complies with healthcare regulations and research protocols to fast-paced technical marketing where I've learned and worked with tech experts who like turning conversations about product capabilities into a philosophical debate on open source culture.

My professional experiences, whether in full-time roles or as a freelance writer and content strategist, have shown me that – no matter what the industry – technical experts often expect you to speak their language.

Using terms that distill and relay commonly understood or agreed upon concepts is great for quick, intuitive communication, especially in person. But it's not so great for engaging and educating newcomers or ensuring your key messages are communicated consistently – goals that inbound marketing (and more specifically content marketing) are often intended to achieve.

Understanding that conflict, between what experts want to say and what their target audience understands, helped me readily apply my medical research experience to medical communications and later healthcare content writing.

As I gained experience writing for companies in the digital health and medical device spaces, I successfully applied my experience working with and "translating" information from subject matter experts. Using my content writing skills and marketing knowledge, I began working with companies that offered solutions in cloud computing, IT services, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Software-as-a-Service, business process automation, and other technology areas.

Today, as a writer and developmental editor, I'm always ready to learn new ways to collaboratively plan, develop, and deliver technical content that’s informed by input from SMEs and digital strategists, while applying best practices for accessible communication. I use my communication skills, marketing knowledge, and research experience to make technology and healthcare topics relevant and engaging to interested audiences.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you create and deliver compelling messaging that informs content that your audience finds engaging and valuable, whether they're reading about your technical solutions, thought leadership and industry insights, or emerging technology use cases.

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My Writing Samples

What Is Environmental Monitoring?

This is a top-of-funnel SEO blog post I wrote on environmental monitoring for Digi International. The intended audience was industrial operational stakeholders interesting in the benefits of environmental monitoring for the sites they design or manage.


What Is Food Waste and How to Combat It with Food Recovery

I created this blog post on food waste intended to serve as a foundational piece on the topic to lead into future posts on the Grow Ensemble blog. I researched and wrote content based on an light outline, SEO guidelines, and details on formatting, style, and organization for the blog’s brand identity.


As the ASC market grows, surgical technologies are evolving to meet their needs

I wrote this article for OrthAlign, a medical device company that develops surgical navigation tools for orthopedic procedures. This article explores the industry changes that have changed patient behavior and made value-added technology, like the products OrthAlign offers, a strategic option for surgeons that want to operate in ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs).


4 reasons to adopt event-driven architecture for digital banking

I provided writing and developmental editing support for this sales collateral, working with stakeholders in financial services product marketing to refine the clarity and accuracy of the content.


New Public Transit Technology: How Emerging Tech Is Changing Transportation

I wrote this blog post for Digi International, and it covers how connected transportation technology is transforming what's possible in public transit today. This ties into some of Digi's core product offerings and support key messaging about the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions they have their are support connectivity with low latency, high bandwidth 5G networks.


Software-defined law enforcement

I re-wrote a draft of this white paper, which was created by a subject matter expert on public sector use cases for platform-based architecture. After my revisions, I worked with the stakeholders for this piece, incorporating their feedback to finalize the content before publication.


Gain efficiencies with app development partners

This ebook is sales collateral that focuses on partner marketing for app development use cases. I provided writing and developmental editing support for an existing draft, improving the structure and narrative flow of the content, while also providing stylistic and copy edits.


IoT and the Supply Chain: How Machine Learning Eases Bottlenecks

I wrote this Digi International blog post on IoT use cases for supply chain management, delving into how IoT devices and platforms can help logistics partners collect and use data to improve and accelerate inventory management, transportation timelines, and incident response.



Technical Content and Messaging Writer and Developmental Editor

Deliver developmental editing and devise content strategies for internal technology, product, and campaign messaging guides and Point of View (POV) materials. Apply message testing findings to refine and tailor product and portfolio messaging to address challenges and solutions for target buyer personas. Write and edit white papers, e-books, and other collateral on hybrid cloud and edge computing, containers / Kubernetes, security, app development, open source, and digital transformation.

Company: Red Hat

I worked there from 5/2021 until now

Freelance Healthcare and Technology Content Writer and Strategist

Develop content and messaging for health and tech brands’ inbound marketing content, company websites, customer communications, and internal messaging and brand strategy materials. Interview internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to gather key information and plan long-form thought leadership content. Adapt writing to style guidelines, including those from AP, AMA, and Chicago manuals of style, creating editorial style sheets and writer/editor training materials when requested.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Administration and Data Associate

Exported and analyzed web analytics and survey data from digital wellbeing hubs to summarize user engagement, content interests, and wellbeing metrics for corporate clients. Authored quarterly client reports that summarize digital hub growth & engagement as well as employee health & wellness metrics to communicate ROI of Springday product as part of Customer Success team.

Company: Springday

I worked there from 9/2020 until 12/2020

Health Technologies Research Assistant

Researched, collated, and analyzed data on chronic illness for use in writing and infographics of book on chronic illness in America by Dr. David Priede and team. Collaborated with chapter authors and graphic design team to develop disease-specific and holistic use-cases for data summarized from CDC and NIH databases, as well as annual reports from the American Heart Association, the Cancer Society of America, and the Alzheimer’s Association, among others.

Company: BioLife Health Center

I worked there from 5/2020 until 9/2020

Clinical Research Associate

Onboarded CHLA emergency room patients and family members to ongoing clinical research studies. Recorded clinical data, took photos with parents' consent, compiled reports for research fellows and coworkers. Maintained documentation of research progress, number of monthly enrollments, and informed consent procedures.

Company: Children's Hospital Los Angeles

I worked there from 1/2015 until 5/2015

Research Assistant

Enrolled and followed up with study participants to confirm appointments, update timelines for research study, and create reports based on ongoing progress. Created documentation and educational materials for existing and potential addiction study participants. Documented study participants feedback on existing procedures and delivered presentations suggesting updates to study protocols.

Company: USC Health, Emotion, and Addiction Laboratory

I worked there from 9/2013 until 2/2014

Enrollment Coordinator

Recruited former Keck University Hospital patients for participation in ongoing cancer research, delivering informed consent protocols and enrolled informed participants in both English and Spanish. Completed HIPAA training and updated team's internal documentation on training schedules and requirements for newly onboarded enrollment coordinators. Followed up with patients via phone and email to remind them of upcoming appointment, recording communication summaries per compliance guidelines.

Company: Keck School of Medicine

I worked there from 8/2013 until 12/2013

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