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About Me

Straddling the line between informative and entertaining, I am a generalist that's diving deep into a slew of topics. Culture, science, entertainment, climate justice, travel, and finance are just a few topics I've explored for wide audiences. I hold an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from University of San Francisco and often bring wit and humor when space allows. Reach out via direct message or Twitter to learn more.  

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My Writing Samples

Why ESPN's 'Body Issue' Deserves a Comeback

Body positivity is a passion of mine, so I was blessed to write this feature for Ask. The combination of photo editing and a passionate plea made this hit hard on the site's homepage.


Pine Island: A Florida Getaway From Florida Getaways

One of Ask's top performers of 2021, I didn't know what Pine Island was until I saw it on a long list of keywords sourced by the data science team. This has been backlinked at over 100 different sites. I love bringing light to issues, trends, and places that don't always get attention.


11 Surprising Copyrighted or Trademarked Phrases

This was so fun to write. Originally pitched by our Social Media Editor, I grabbed this story because it's so informative but also fun. Paris Hilton retweeted this article to her 16 million followers, so I'm glad it got so much attention.


What We Learned When NASA Sent Jellyfish to Space

One of my first pieces for Ask Media Group, this informs readers on an event that was historic, underrated, and a little weird. Researching this was tough because the topic has been covered differently at many outlets, but we got down to the bottom of things.


King of the HIll Reboot: A Lot Can Go Wrong. Here's Why

While not much is known about the reboot of Fox's unexpectedly progressive hit, enough is known to cause worry in the show's longtime fans.


Ask Getaway: Fort Myers, Florida

An introductory guide to Fort Myers, FL. This was created using keywords sourced by AMG's data science team and was a top performer upon publication.


How to Find Reputable Charities This Giving Tuesday

Timely yet evergreen, this has legs at the end of the year and also (unfortunately) during global conflicts like the ongoing situation in Ukraine.


How “Rupaul’s Drag Race: Untucked” Slays Reality TV Norms

With such an explosive fanbase, this piece about storytelling hit well with fans of the show and those who wanted to learn more what it is.


Lake Tahoe: From Gold Mine to Mountain Getaway

Breaking in to Reference's top performers is hard considering the site has been around for so, so long. This one consistently performs well week after week, especially in direct navigation.


Cross Country Climate Crisis: A Regional Breakdown of Longterm Global Warming

This breaks down climate change in the U.S. region by region. While some regions are affected in more severe ways than others, this illuminates why everyone should care about this issue.


How to Make Your Discover It Card Rewards Work for You

No nonsense financial Info with a voice that's approachable and understandable.


The Evolution of Nintendo's Pink Puffball

A guilty pleasure of mine, this nostalgia-driven recap celebrated the iconic gaming franchise's 30th anniversary and coincided with a new game release.


What is a Coin Shortage & Are We Facing One Right Now?

A brief explainer on a topic that continues to affect people throughout pandemic/endemic times.


How to Overcome Loneliness: 14 Tips to Help You Feel More Connected to Your Community

A piece providing guidance on how to improve one's mental health, especially during pandemic times.


What Moon is It This Month? A Glossary of Named Moons

An evergreen success, this is reshared every month on/before the night of a full moon and always performs well.


All About Bunnies: 10+ Facts About Rabbits

Published before Easter 2021, we found that people really like looking at animal content all year-round.


Ask Getaway: Sights and Lights in Reykjavik, Iceland

This was repurposed from a "virtual vacations" series into something more practical for travel...whenever it's safe to do so.


Wild Wild Weather: The History of Named Winter Storms

An editor and I came up with this series where we take weather terms that people may not be familiar with. I covered terms like "polar vortex," "atmospheric river," and "pressure gradients" in addition to this.


Fyre Festival Co-founder Ja Rule Is Making Mogul Moves With NFT and Crypto Endeavors

Celebrity meets the wild, wild West of personal finance. This explainer informs users on what physical NFTs and how that works.


How to Celebrate Susan B. Anthony Day With Suffragette Spirit

I love a historical observation, especially when accompanied by a movement to bring attention to revolutionary figures.


What Is Are Invasive Species?

Bringing attention to a global environmental issue


The Diamond Clarity Scale: A Beginner’s Guide to Gem Quality

A little science and a lot of lux, this coincided with the holidays, Valentine's Day, engagement season, etc.


Lab-Made Diamond Rings Are Outshining Their Mined Siblings: Here's How

Okay, who doesn't love diamonds? Even more science in this one, this sheds light on what diamond creation is and why it's better from a humanitarian perspective.


Why The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Matters in a Post-Pandemic World

Health history of one of medicine's most important (yet underrepresented) figures.


The Story of Melchizadek: What We Can Learn From the Biblical Bromance

This secular history unpacks the story as told in holy texts and its greater impact on the world today.


The Book of Revelation: An Overview of the End of the World

It's the end of the world as we know it...here I explained how the Christian Bible forecasts the world's end.


What Does 'Woke' Stand For? Woke's Definition & More

Unpacking a word that's taken on a lot of different connotation in recent years.


10 Famous Black Inventors and Investors That Are Innovating Their Industries

Here I helped Reference observed Black History Month by putting the spotlight on 10 established and emerging Black inventors and innovators that are active today.


What is the Meaning of Lent?

An explainer on the annual tradition that occurs for 6 weeks every Spring.


Cybersecurity Awareness: How to Protect Yourself from Cybercrimes

Another one to break in to Reference's consistent chart-toppers. This was designed to help readers learn the basics of what cybersecurity is and how to get started.


Poseidon Adventures: A Deep Dive Into Zeus’ Other Brother

Greek mythology! This explainer is K-12 friendly and can also teach adults a few things about the lesser-discussed Greek deity.


Electric Cars: The Technology of the Future, Two Centuries Ago

History, technology and climate science intersect in this explainer about old-school electric vehicles.


Understanding D-Day: What Is the History of the Normandy Invasion?

I don't love writing about war, but I love a challenge. Timely historic observances are important and I'm happy to shine a light on them.


Why Scientists’ Plans to Clone Woolly Mammoths Could Be a Jurassic Mistake

One of my editors shared my love for "weird news," and this is a prime example of that. A little bit of a climate angle, this odd event needed to be talked about.


Don’t Get a Tarot Reading Without First Learning the Cards’ Surprising Origins

Perfect for October/spooky season, this brought some history to a mystical, popular subject.


Here’s How Scientists Are Using Human Blood to Build Cities on Mars

Space, science, and "goth energy," this strangely romantic piece was a joy to research and write.


NCAA vs. SCOTUS: How Paying Athletes Can Help All Students Save

Weighing in on why I think college athletes should get paid and using research to back up the claim here.


7 Books to Provide Perspective on Life in Afghanistan

When Biden announced that he was pulling out of Afghanistan, we wanted to weigh in on the subject while keeping it in the Ask brand. I love writing book roundups.


Robotic Animals Brought Science Fiction to Life. Now, They’re Helping Us Thrive

An explainer on robotic animals, particularly the cuddly seals that help elderly patients with memory issues as well as Spot, the security robot.


7 Protests That Kept the Labor Movement Alive in 2021

Shedding light on some of the many, many labor movements that spawned during the pandemic.


From Boyd to Chao to Buttigieg: The History of the Secretary of Transportation

An explainer on what the Secretary of Transportation position is actually for and what they do.


Is There Anything We Can Do to Prevent Superstorms?

Unpacking what superstorms are, how they affect the U.S., and looking into what could be done to prevent them.


Is There a Real Silent Majority?

Great for election, this dives into the mythologized idea of a silent majority among Americans.


What is the Green New Deal and How Would It Work?

A political explainer and what the Green New Deal could be and why it's needed.


6 Podcasts for NFL Fans

A roundup of football podcasts. Yay, sports!


The Major Evolutionary Discoveries of 2021

A little on the "weird" side, this was a roundup of archaeological discoveries was refreshed and added to a few times throughout the year. "Monkeydactyl" is my personal favorite.


Here's How Birds Are Adapting to Climate Change

An explainer on the observations that experts are reporting from different types of birds adapting to Earth's changing climates.


The (Failed) Assassination of Pope John Paul II and Its Odd Aftermath

Coinciding with the anniversary of the event, this "look back" informed younger audiences on the strangeness of the event and reminds older readers of a different time.


11 Inspiring Asian-American Political Leaders

To help Reference observe AAPI heritage month, this "who's who" showcases current leaders and some trailblazers from the past.


Flying Budget: Avelo and Breeze Airlines

A look at two airlines that emerged during the pandemic.


5 Times The Olympics Were Cancelled (and 7 Times They Almost Were)

With two Olympic games within a few months of each other, this look back has a wide reach and a lot of mileage.


4 Iconic Musicians That Are Now Billionaires

Combining music and money, this was a fun read for the finance crowd.


Did the U.S. Really Win the Space Race?

Historical myth-busting at its finest, especially during the billionaire space races of today.


Did Witch Trials Only Happen in Salem?

More historical myth busting with some fall flavor.


Did Thomas Edison Really Invent the Lightbulb?

Justice for Nikola Tesla!


What Causes Burning, Itchy Eyes?

Post-pandemic allergies have been bad. This explains why and offers practical solutions.


Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Why Does This Anime Keep Going Viral?

Explaining what this is and why it keeps "breaking the internet" and shattering box office records.


Impact for Impact: Police and Philanthropy in Semi-Pro Football

A journalistic deep dive into the world of a semi-pro football league that's for cops and firelighters, only.


The Mario Kart Principle

Can a videogame's design overturn the class structures of American class? You'll have to read this one to find out.


Race Norming Explained: How the NFL Dropped the Ball in Concussion Payouts and Protocol

More sports. Football is a passion of mine, so when the race norming scandal came to light, I wanted to explain this issue for Reference's audience.


Milkweed and Monarch: How to See More Butterflies This Summer

A climate-heavy look at the dismal state of monarch butterflies and the nonprofits that are trying to change things.


What is #Bookstagram and Where Can I Find It?

My first bylined piece at Ask. I loved letting people know about this Internet subculture.



Digital Content Writer (Contract)

Supported the company's flagship websites (Ask.com, Reference, SymptomFind, Ask Money) by writing quality content that was tailored for organic and SEO success in addition to the company's own search engine services. Articles were typically 800-1000 words. My first in-house writing position, I also sourced/edited all of my own photos, pitched content on a weekly basis, and updated/repurposed legacy content.

Company: Ask Media Group

I worked there from 3/2021 until 3/2022

Freelance Writer

When COVID-19 hit, I started publishing articles independently on Medium. With the world in such a strange place, I wrote about topics that gripped me at the time: publishing, movies, soap operas, books, health, and fitness. See ericpmueller.medium.com to see the places my brain goes and where passion lives.

Company: Medium

I worked there from 3/2020 until 3/2021

Freelance Content Writer

My introduction to writing for the Internet and SEO. Here, I wrote content for the brands flagship site, Mandatory.com, whose audience is Gen-Z aged males as well as ComingSoon.net, a popular entertainment website.

Company: Mandatory Media

I worked there from 8/2018 until 12/2018

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