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About Me

My name is Roxana Guy, and I am a web content writer focusing on copywriting (including some email content creation & campaigns) and social media posts to engage your audience. My goal is to assist customers with their content and help generate new business through web content creation.

Every year, more and more customers flock to social media, websites, product description pages, infographics, sales collateral, advertisements, and traditional print media to find more information about services and businesses. Technical writing can also seem intimidating when products and services move toward cloud technology and hardware associated with the company.

Let me be the voice of your products and services, giving your customers an engaging experience. The more we connect to a customer, the better to convert on a sale. I want to immerse myself in your company, services, and products to give your customers the experience they've been craving with your business.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

How A First Article Inspection Can Save A Whole Production Line From Quality Issues

Imagine you have a new company in manufacturing. Your dream of finally having your own business has been achieved, and your line starts to create your dream product. It’s coming out in roves on the lines, and your first order is almost complete. Now imagine that you didn’t quality check your product, it gets shipped out, sent into stores, and it causes bodily harm and even death to the masses of people it was supposed to help. Suddenly, your company was ruined in a matter of one shipment


How To Turn Insurance Agencies and Their Brand Into A Success

All great businesses have a story to tell and a person who speaks their story into people's lives. Steve Jobs took a few ideas in his garage and branded a computer company based on the love of calligraphy. John Paul Jones DeJoria took on many jobs as a traditional renaissance man before forming John Paul Mitchell Systems. And before Richard Branson became a significant business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist, he had dyslexia and poor school grades.


Why You Need To Buy Swirlin' Turtle Soap

Soap is essential in the daily cleaning process. The only problem? There are so many soaps with a list of ingredients that we can hardly pronounce. And if we can hardly pronounce them, the odds are it’s probably not good for you. We know your struggles. You have to read labels, determine if you're allergic to it, and hope for the best. That’s why Swirlin' Turtle Soaps are different. We accommodate many different lifestyles and health considerations because we have them, too. Not only are ou


Peach Texture Anti-Aging Toner

Indulge in the luxuriousness of this organic, botanical toner filled with hydration and nourishment. Known for their delicious Vitamin C and antioxidants, peaches are the exact natural remedy for skin inflammation and natural damage that your skin can endure during everyday abuse. Our product is the perfect toner carefully balanced to moisturize, revitalize, and refresh your skin to reveal its natural radiance.


Secrets About Having The Best Skin and Hair That Nobody Will Tell You

Do you know the secret to your best hair and skin? The secret to the most gorgeous and silky hair and skin could be as simple as eating a healthy diet. Read now how to eat your way to the best hair and skin of your life! Who knew that you could have your most gorgeous, sexy hair and skin in the most unlikely room in the house; hint, it's in your kitchen. We've all seen those Pinterest pins with our DIY hair masks and at-home facial spa treatments.


The Five Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Digital Marketing Campaigns

Do you know the best in digital marketing and how to campaign to generate the sales you so desperately need? In this guide, we'll reveal five secrets that will show you how to get the best out of your digital marketing campaigns. Read on to find out how!


National Skincare Month (September): Top Ways to Care for Your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ and the most beautiful that you can share with the world. It is so important to learn how to take good care of your skin so it continues to take care of you in the best possible way. If you start to take proper care of it today, you can lead a happier, healthier life long-term.


La Verne Lumiere Advanced Anti-Aging & Brightening Eye/Face Serum

We are introducing our revolutionary anti-aging & brightening serum designed for your ultimate skin health. This high-performance serum is designed to target wrinkle-correcting and firming benefits giving you continuous lifting and firming action to showcase your best skin yet. Our serum is proven to improve the significant signs of skin aging visibly, all while using all-natural ingredients.


Cute Ways to Decorate your Home for Fall

Need some fall fun around your house? Get autumn inspiration for adding color, texture, and more for cozy fall feel — and all in budget-friendly ways!


Best Thrills and Chills For Kids (by Age)

From safe scares to teen thrillers, check out our list of creepy-fun movies for the whole family.


5 Must Do Exercise Moves Before The Holidays

These five must-do exercises are easy, multi-purpose, and can be done anywhere with no equipment. AKA: The most efficient workout ever!


Awning Windows

Known for their beauty and privacy, awning windows are a great option for your bathroom and keeping your home the private oasis, it was always intended to be. These windows are aesthetically pleasing and allow an unobstructed view. Awning windows offer ventilation and easy control of the airflow in your home in all weather conditions. This window option is often flush to the home allowing for ease in opening and closing the window. Ideal for bathrooms, basements, and sunrooms...



Sales Enablement Trainer

IT company that operates vendor styles sales and customer service for clientele. Currently, I am supporting the Google Cloud Platform & Google Workspace with product trainings, sales experience trainings, content creation for team members, Teaching, Sales, Training & Development, Sales Management, Employee Training, Team Collaboration, Product Training, and Training Delivery. Also conducting skills gap analyses, preparing learning material, and evaluating results after each training session.

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