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Experienced Copywriter in SaaS and Business topics

About Me

Digital Marketing is all about communication and communication is the key to awareness and understanding. In an increasingly global world, sending the right message to the right people, at the right time can make all the difference to your business. 

I hope to help raise awareness of individuals and businesses through powerful copy that converts. Whether you need the creation of new content in English, or the proofreading of already written content I can help you grow your audience and really engage them. 

With strong project management skills and a passion for helping others succeed, I will listen to what you need and raise your online profile ensuring that you meet your goals.

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My Writing Samples

Something you should see…Bernardo Bertolucci’s Before the Revolution

A film review of Before the Revolution by Bernardo Bertolucci.


Transition from home to coworking

A unique piece offering an alternative view of when you already work at home but want to join a coworking space.


Best Gifts for Designers

A listicle piece picking out and writing about perfect gifts for designers.


5 smartphone apps for freelance bloggers

A listicle piece picking out and writing about the most useful smartphone apps for freelance bloggers.


5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Graphic Designer

A listicle piece with advice to designers about how to stay motivated when they're feeling uninspired.


How to Start a Career in UX Design

A long-form piece offering advice about how to get started with a career in UX design.



E-planet Educational Services

- Managing the creation of a blog. Responsible for creating content and maintaining the blog. Complying with SEO practices. - Responsible for creating a global Facebook account and for creating content for this and the Twitter account. - Suggesting changes and improving other existing social media accounts, especially YouTube. - Introducing the team to Trello for software development projects. - Managing, editing, testing software/online course development projects.

Company: Business Development Assistant

I worked there from 9/2015 until 12/2017

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