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I am a writer with more than 5 years of experience writing articles for blogs or for companies, the type of content that I write the most is about technology and software development, I also have experience writing for sports 

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Michel's photo Michel · Apr 13, 2022 · 11 min read Edit More Scrum is a framework that enables collaborative work between teams. Like a rugby team (hence its name) when training for a big match, scrum encourages teams to learn through experience, self-organize while tackling a problem, and reflect on their wins and losses to continually improve. Although this type of scrum is used most often by software development teams, its principles and lessons can be applied to all types of teamwork. Thi



creador de artículos

I was working in Colima news creating articles about current news of finasas and technology

Company: Colima Noticias

I worked there from 5/2018 until 5/2020

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