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I love to drown in the ocean of imagination, hence I use the pen to create a magical world.

About Me

I love to e  drown in the ocean of imagination, hence I use the pen to create a magical world. 

My mind is prettier than my face and my soul outshines them both. I am somewhere in between who I used to be & whom I am destined to be. As I write these words, I do so as a student of my life experiences and from these past life experiences, I still draw inspiration and learn from every single day of my present and future days.

I am the Vice Chair of Research and Development for PeaceX International Organization. Among many other roles I am in charge of engaging content of different kinds to be decided. This is in terms of different kinds of publications. And also, deciding on research teams and the topics they will be working on. These will be of two kinds - typological research (could be area studies) and the other will be policy-making related. 

I am a published author of an entrepreneurship self-help book. And also I am a blogger who writes on academic papers of up to 10,000 words, as well as 'Speaking Out' pieces written to challenge contemporary orthodoxies, and 'Connexons' essays that tie together contemporary social problems and the study of innovation and policy making

A link to one of my blog pieces : https://masanga99.blogspot.com/2022/04/this-one-book-brought-me-back-to-life_11.html

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My Writing Samples

WHO warns against Omicron travel bans as nations shut borders

The World Health Organization has warned blanket travel ban will not prevent the spread of Omicron, as more countries rushed to impose curbs.


The Most Linguistically Diverse Place on the Planet is Africa

Africa keeps many secrets, – and one of the major ones is that Africa is also a fascinating place from a linguistics perspective.



Vice Chair of Research & Development

The Vice Chair Research Officer supervises research projects from the early planning stages to project completion. They communicate with team members and verify that all projects and tasks are on schedule. The Research Officer reports project progress to supervisors and other committees.

Company: PeaceX International Organization

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