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About Me

As the National Editor in Chief of a political publication, I'm committed to good journalism and covering the stories that mean the most to society. I strongly believe in ethical reporting based on facts without any partisan spin. I believe as a journalist, I can get a lot accomplished through positive messaging.

I thoroughly enjoy covering political events happening around the globe with an emphasis on providing balanced content that highlights policies and humanistic philosophies of government. Too often many media and other social outlets present unbalanced and unfair portrayals of humanistic government policies, elected officials, aspiring candidates, and corporations.

Many media outlets do not value humanistic ideals in society and present only negative news headlines in the name of quick financial gains while ignoring their responsibilities to tell the truth. That type of reporting only causes long-term damage to the credibility and safety of journalists.

I have been married for 25 years and am the proud father of three amazing children. I am a huge sports fan and have been coaching basketball for 25 years. I love life and positive vibes.

I am a night owl

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Queen Strips Prince Andrew Of His Title “His Royal Highness”

The fallout for Prince Andrew continues after the US justice department refused to dismiss the sexual assault case filed against him. The Duke of York is fighting extradition back to America for his role played in the alleged sexual assault of minor Virginia Giuffre. Giuffre claims the Duke of York took part in her being trafficked by his friends the late billionaire convicted of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and recently convicted Ghislaine Maxwell. The lawyers for The Duke of York further claim


Winnipeg Hotel Owner Ravi Ramberran Offers Vacant Hotel Rooms To Victims Of Domestic Violence

What started as a regular afternoon drive for Winnipeg businessman Ravi Ramberran, turned out to be something much more. While tuning in to a local radio station, Ravi heard the stories of a few brave individuals that were the victims of domestic violence. Call it fate or a moment of divine intervention, Mr Ramberran knew that moment he had to help in any way possible. What Mr Ramberran did next was not only profound; it was the most enduring act a small business owner can perform....


Emergencies Act Passes In House Of Commons, Ensuring Democracy Is Upheld

What was supposed to be a week of substantive debate in the House of Commons regarding invoking the Emergencies Act by the Federal government, turned into rhetoric-filled heavy-handed support for the illegal blockades from the Conservative Party in favour of the so-called Freedom Convoy.


What Did The Manitoba Tories Know? Sanford Health

What did the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Government know when sending vulnerable patients to one of the facilities associated with Sanford Health? The Daily Scrum News obtained the filings from the United States Department of Justice regarding the settlement with Sanford Health and excerpts of it reads as follows:


If 80% Of Canadians Are Vaccinated, What Majority Is The Convoy Speaking For?

The Freedom protest was supposed to be just that, a protest. Now it has turned into a siege with members within the ranks linked to far-right groups and white supremacy. Every Canadian has a right to protest, but what is happening across the country is an attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government.


The Royals Are Coming!

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will tour Canada in the Spring of 2022 to mark the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Closing in on 70 years as the ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth will become the longest-reigning ruler in British History. The Prince and future Queen consort will spend three days touring the country with scheduled stops at hospitals and military posts. Prince Charles has visited Canada 18 times with the first coming in 1970.


Weak Demand For Rental In Winnipeg, Despite Low Unemployment

Winnipeg’s unemployment rate as of February 2022 sits at 5.7 percent, which is just slightly higher than the national rate of 5.3 percent. According to Stats Canada, the employment growth rate continues to outpace population growth as the labour market tightens across the country. Although the city saw the addition of 15,000 jobs as first reported by the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), labour markets conditions are only starting to recover to pre-pandemic levels.


Future Of Grand Chief Arlen Dumas Uncertain After Latest Allegation Of Sexual Assault

Manitoba’s Grand Chief Arlen Dumas’ suspension for the allegation of sexually assaulting a senior member of his administration was swift by The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC). Dumas’ allegation resulted in the calling of an emergency meeting by the AMC to appoint a third-party legal advisor to investigate the latest allegation against Dumas.


Ukraine Sinks Prized Russian Battleship Moskva

The illegal invasion by Russia into Ukraine has not gone as expected. A war that is still being spun as a training exercise by Putin to rid the country of Nazis has been a catastrophic failure for the communist nation. It’s been 50 days since the invasion of Ukraine, and President Zelensky is still in control of the country. The resistance of the people of Ukraine to remain a free nation has once again delivered a devastating military blow to Russia with the sinking of their prized guided-mis


Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed As 1st Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

Since its formation on September 24, 1789, there have been 17 Chief Justices of the United States and 103 Associate Justices in the Court’s history. And in that time, there has never been a Black Woman to serve on the nation’s highest court. America has always been and will continue to be a country with racism in its DNA. If it were not for the colonial virus pumping through its veins, there would be more black women and people of colour appointed to the bench.


Winnipeggers Get Kicked In Their Slurpee Sucking Mouth With Record Snowfall

For everyone that wants to know if climate change is real, just ask the millions of North Americans hit with four feet of snow in the middle of spring. While many around the world are prepping the garden or carrying out spring cleaning, Canadian cities like Winnipeg are in the middle of a blizzard. Often referred to as Winterpeg, they are no strangers to blizzards. In the last 60 years, they have endured three blizzards that saw more than 35cm of snowfall.


P.C Minister Jon Reyes’ Tweet, May Have Lost Him His Cabinet Position

Manitoba P.C. Minister of Economic Development & Jobs and MLA for Waverly, Jon Reyes, is still reeling from the fallout of his Tweet over the weekend. A Tweet many are calling sexist and insensitive to health care workers. The Manitoba government is already under scrutiny for its handling of the pandemic and, Reyes’ Tweet is considered a slap in the face to healthcare workers.


Pope Francis Makes Historic Apology To Canada’s Indigenous People

As part of the Truth and Reconciliation Act, it called for the Catholic Church to make an official apology to Canada’s Indigenous people for the pain and suffering of Residential schools. In recent years Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also asked Pope Francis to honour the findings of the committee with an apology but he remained non-committal.


Twitter Permanently Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Personal Account

January 8, 2021, was the day the former US President Donald Trump was silenced from his tens of millions of followers on his social network of choice Twitter. Within days, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and several of the more popular networks permanently banned or suspended the former president. Today, Twitter permanently suspended far-right Qanon Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s verified account @mtgreenee for violation of its policies and terms of use.


Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act

As the illegal truck blockage continues to stifle the economy on both sides of the border, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. The Act will give the Federal Government sweeping new powers to tackle the Freedom Occupiers.


Brian Jean, Alberta Premier In The Waiting?

Back in May of 2021, United Conservatives Party (UPC) MLA Todd Loewen pend a scathing open letter to the leader of his party Premier Kenney calling for this resignation. Loewen along with 18 senior backbenchers signalled they have lost confidence in Kenney’s leadership. UPC members have always had the opportunity to speak freely but it is an unspoken rule to go against the leader of any party. That is why Loewen resigned as the UPC party Caucus Chair.


West Virginia Giving Out Guns As An Incentive To Get Vaccinated

America continues to reach grim milestones in the fight against COVID-19 with over 660,000 people dying from the virus. Even though the US has seen a major uptick in vaccination, there still is a significant amount of the popular that remains unvaccinated. As added incentives for people to take the COVID-19 vaccine, we are seeing many states implement financial incentives for people to get vaccinated.


Freedom Convoy Has Overstayed Its Welcome In Ottawa

Canada’s freedom rally has made its way across the country and has stalled in Ottawa. The truckers came, but many have not left and have overstayed their welcome according to Ottawa’s Mayor. The right to protest is a Canadian right. But, what Canadians have seen since the truckers arrived in Ottowa are disgraced monuments, citizens arrested, businesses interrupted, and multiple hate symbols and Nazi flags flying in the crowd.


Ottawa Police Begin Removing Illegal Blockade

The nation’s capital has been under siege for 22 days by the illegal blockade organized by the so-called Freedom Convoy. What started as a peaceful protest against vaccine mandates turned into an occupation that has shut down parts of the North American economy and disrupted the daily lives of residents and businesses.


$11 Billion Over 6 Years Towards Reconciliation With Indigenous Community

Reconciliation starts with acknowledging Canada’s ugly history toward its Indigenous people. We can start by doing the simple things by stopping denying Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir. John A Macdonald was one of the key architects of Canada’s Residential School System. A system designed to destroy the Indigenous way of life, culture and languages and “kill the Indian in every child.”


Error Messages In Trump’s Truth Social, Are Causing Account Creation Difficulties

January 8, 2021, was the day the former US President Donald Trump was silenced from his tens of millions of followers on his social network of choice Twitter. Within days, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and several of the more popular networks permanently banned or suspended the former president. The silencing of Trump left him with limited outlets to communicate with his die-hard loyal followers. Many have equated his followers to sycophants that cling to the former president's every word.


Charest’s Bid To Be Leader, Puts Poilievre’s Coronation On Hold

Jean Charest’s bid to be the leader of the Conservative Party just put Poilievre’s coronation on hold. Charest is a seasoned communicator with the experience and temperament required to be Prime Minister if he becomes the leader of the Conservatives.


Hollywood Legend Sir Sidney Poitier Died At The Age Of 94

“They call me Mr Tibbs” and with that line, legendary actor Sidney L. Poitier's stardom continued to rise which would lead to him becoming the first Afro-American actor to win an Academy Award for his role in the critically acclaimed film “Lilies of the Field.” Poitier was more than just an actor, he was a champion of civil rights and fought for equal representation of Afro-American workers within the film industry.


Another Mass Shooting In America

There is nothing we can say that we have not said before. Politicians can keep their proverbial “Thoughts & Payers” and get their shit together and keep the kids safe. Mass shootings in America are horrific and preventable but expected. After all, the right to bear arms is written into the US Constitution. Until that changes, mass shootings will continue year after year after year.



It was a matter of minutes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the nation yesterday, and the #IStandWithTrudeau started to trend on social media. The Prime Minister used the press conference to announce the invoking of the Emergencies Act to end the illegal blockades across the county.


Rams Infront Of Home Crowd Win Super Bowl 56

It’s been 22 years since the Rams won a Super Bowl, but just not any team, the greatest show on turf. The Rams that played out of St. Louis, were fast, high-flying and filled with future Hall of Famers. Fast forward two decades later, the Rams are now playing out of Los Angeles and playing in their second Super Bowl in three years under head coach Sean McVay.


Manitoba Government Sending 300 Surgery Patients To The U.S For Operation

Manitoba’s surgery waitlist surpassed a staggering 151,000 and becomes more apparent the state of a badly broken health care system. A system that has seen Premier Stefanson expand her Cabinet in yesterday's shuffle to see the creation of three Health Ministers. It is now the second time within 12 months the Manitoba Government has added another Minister to the Health portfolio with hopes of showing Manitobans they have some sense of competence in this department.


Winnipeg Athlete Trae Tomlinson, Gets Full Scholarship To Play NCAA Division 1 Football

A couple of years ago, the thought of a Canadian high school football player competing against the best All-American Athletes was virtually impossible. And for the very few that were fortunate to attend an American College to play football, only a handful did so on a full scholarship to attend an Elite NCAA Division 1 powerhouse school.


Russian Citizens Stand In Solidarity Against Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

In a show of solidarity for Ukraine, thousands of Russian citizens packed Moscow square to protest Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This show of solidarity on this scale sends a message to the Putin dictatorship that the country is tired of being in a constant state of war. As the peaceful protest grew, so did the show of force by the Russian government. And throughout the day, several thousand people were arrested and jailed.


Russian Journalist Who Held Up A Sign On State Tv, Found Alive

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is being fought on two fronts, one using weapons of mass destruction and the other within the Russian state media. The Russian buildup on the Ukrainian border was portrayed as a training exercise with Ukraine by Putin, but when the invasion began, Russian State-run Tv broadcasted it as a fight to eliminate Nazis from their allies.


Florida Governor DeSantis, Lands First Blow Against Mickey Mouse

For over 55 years, Disney Land in Florida has operated as a self-governing entity (special status) with the notion it would establish a futuristic city. Although the futuristic city is still up for debate, Disney is the largest landowner in Orlando and its biggest employer. Today the Republican lead State legislature made good on Governor DeSantis’ threat and passed a Bill 70-38 in the Florida House to strip Disney of its special status.


Team Canada Beats Team USA 3-2, To Win Olympic Gold

Team Canada Vs. Team USA in a gold medal championship game is as expected, and depending on what country you are cheering for, everyone knew national pride was on the line.


1 Year Anniversary Of Terrorist Attack On US Capitol

January 6, 2021, will be known as the day a sitting US President incited an attack on his own country. Former President Donald Trump and many of the Republican Party members abdicated their duties to serve and protect the American people.


Canadians Leave Texas And Florida, Come Home Now

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis have abdicated their duties as heads of their states and weaponized COVID-19 with copious amounts of misinformation. Texas and Florida lead the country in COVID-19 cases and have had the highest death rates in America.


Khan Wins Pallister’s Old Riding By Razor Thin Margin

Heading into the Fort Whyte Byelection, the prevailing thought was the Conservatives could run anyone in Pallister’s old seat and walk away with a victory, but last night’s byelection’s results painted a different picture. Out of 15,907 registered voters, 7,189 turned out to vote or 45.19%. What was supposedly a very blue riding, turns out to be more left-leaning in favour of the Liberals and NDP.


Novak Djokovic Is To Blame For His Own Humiliation

Unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic continues to cry foul because the Australian government did not allow him to compete in the Australian Open tennis championships. The Australian government was right to ban Djokovic from competing in the tournament. Furthermore, he should have never been allowed entry into the country on the basis of his unvaccinated status.


Sinema & Manchin Vote With GOP And Kill Voting Rights Bill

The cheers on the U.S Senate floor after last night's vote were so loud, that you would think they passed a bipartisan piece of legislation. Sadly, it was the jubilation of Senate Republicans along with Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema, that killed the Voters’ Rights Bill.


It’s Time To Pass Laws Restricting What Men Can Do With Their Body

For centuries, men have been making life-changing decisions about what women can and can not do with their bodies. And when it comes to the issue of abortion, no other has been more contentious and controversial since the historic Supreme Court decision in 1973 in ROE Vs Wade. A decision that gave women the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy without excessive government restriction.



Editor in Chief

I am the Editor in Chief for a National Canadian News Corporation, TDS News - The Daily Scrum News. The publication's mandate is to cover politics and current affairs while limiting opinions and focusing on the facts at hand. I've spent many years working with the Canadian Provincial and Federal Governments and have a deep understanding of politics. I oversee a group of 46 journalists and 40 interns globally. To date, I have Published over 2,500 articles for the publication.

Company: The Daily Scrum News TDS News

I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Chief of Staff for Member of Parliament

-Advocate on behalf of the Member of Parliament throughout all departments of the Federal Government, Offices of the Cabinet Ministers and Senate -Liaison with the offices of Provincial Ministers, Municipal leadership and key government officials -Liaison with foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, corporate and not-for-profit CEOs on behalf of the Member of Parliament and Indigenous Chair of Canada

Company: Federal Government of Canada

I worked there from /2018 until /2020

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Analyze, assess, acquire and transfer risks based on exposures and eminent perils. Underwrite risk for property and casualty, residential, corporate and large construction.

Company: Fortune 500 Company & National Corporation

I worked there from /2008 until /2018

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