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About Me

I write for several agencies and cover health, lifestyle, marketing, education, real estate, small businesses and much more. I also have several of my articles published with a by-line. These cover topics like podcast, mental health, marketing and chronic pain.

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Health & Wellness

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Real Estate

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My Writing Samples


Samples of previous work for other clients.


How to Write a Bad Guy Readers Will Root For

Do you struggle to write realistic bad guys in your fiction? Maybe you wonder why TV shows like Dexter are popular, or what You (both a book and successful Netflix series) is getting right, that you try so hard to replicate. If so, the following suggestions might help.


6 Things You Must AVOID When Marketing Your Book ā€“ by Amanda Steel

What authors should avoid when marketing their books.


Expand Your Audience Through Affordable Video Book Promotion!

How to use videos in your marketing to expand your audience


Yes, Introverts Can Host Podcasts ā€” Iā€™m Proof of That

A personal article inspiring other introverts to pursue the things they love doing.



Freelancer Writer

Writing informative content on IMGs moving to Australia to be become doctors, and for patients when seeing their GPs.

Company: Good Signals

I worked there from 2/2022 until now

Freelance Writer

Writing content on a variety of subjects from real estate and home improvement to start ups and marketing, and many other topics.

Company: Marketing Signals

I worked there from 11/2021 until now

Freelance Writer

Writing content about theatre, home improvement, health and fitness, education, medical training and casinos.

Company: Purecontent

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Freelance Writer

Writing a variety of blog posts, articles, product descriptions and emails.

Company: Copify

I worked there from 11/2019 until 7/2020

Content I Write