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About Me

I am a writer with various fields of experience under my belt. I have extensive experience in report writing, legal writing, maintenance documentation, grievance writing, and email writing. My experience in corrections and mental healthcare also makes me a writer who can write professionally and legally. I am also a coffee roaster and brewer, familiar with kilt cultural fashion.

I have been a labor union member for eight years and have served as an elected labor union president for two years during my membership. I also have additional experience in correctional leadership and security. As a veteran, I can write in a military format and use military terminology.

I also have compensative blog writing skills, and I am familiar with writing articles, case studies, and social media content.

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My Writing Samples

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As a labor organizer, I handled relations between employees and employers. I processed grievances, resolved disagreements, and oversaw union meetings to keep a harmonious and nurturing environment among members. I directed the day-to-day affairs to achieve an overall mission within the workplace, and I onboarded new members and educated them on the union's mission, values, and strategies. Finally, I led a labor union officer team to develop long-range goals and set policies and procedures.

Company: Federation of Montana State Prison Employees

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Mental Health Tech

I was responsible for assisting in mental health treatment and direct care, including counseling and assistance with daily activities. I completed legal and HIPPA compliant documentation every day. I also assessed the needs of inmates and prepared state and federally mandated documentation regarding institutional matters. I identified critical behavior, created the appropriate documentation, responding to mental health emergencies, and reported them to qualified mental health professionals.

Company: Montana State Prison

I worked there from 11/2017 until now

Correctional Officers

As a correctional officer, I conducted thorough inspections and searches, performed security observations, prepared state and federally mandated documentation regarding institutional matters, and completed legal compliant documentation every day. I operated security equipment, recognized critical behavior, restrained and controlled offenders, responded to security emergencies, enforced and followed the rules and regulations, including written and oral directives.

Company: Montana State Prison

I worked there from 4/2014 until 11/2017

Counter Team Leader

As a Counter Team Leader, I ensured that customers were provided with prompt and professional service at the rental counter. I trained new team members and monitored team performance to ensure that work tasks were completed on time and had high standards. I maintained an accurate inventory of items. To do an excellent job with customers, I needed excellent communication and customer service skills, and I was expected to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Company: Hastings Entertainment Inc.

I worked there from 6/2013 until 4/2014

F-15 Crew Chief

I performed maintenance services, such as lubricating components, and removed aircraft parts such as engines, pumps, and landing gear. I maintained tactical aircraft, forms, and records on F-15s. This maintenance required extensive troubleshooting procedures to find the root causes of faults, including completing scheduled and unscheduled safety and performance assessments. Before inspections, installations, and repairs, I reviewed and interpreted technical manuals and guidelines.

Company: United States Air Force

I worked there from 2/2007 until 12/2011

Assistant Manager

As the assistant manager, I was responsible for many things. I made sure that the gas station was always clean and organized and that the customers were always satisfied. I also made sure that the employees were doing their jobs correctly and efficiently. I had to work well under pressure and handle any situation. I also had to be able to communicate effectively with both customers and employees.

Company: Town Pump Inc

I worked there from 10/2003 until 2/2007

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