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Screenwriter - Copywriter - Photographer

About Me

Creative writer with a passion for telling stories. BA in TV & Film Production with a concentration in film directing & screenwriting. 

Active freelance copywriter, specializing in social media content. 

I like narrative & screenplays best, but have a broad range of experience and interests. 


I am also a photographer, filmmaker, & digital artist, so I can cover all your marketing bases! 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Find writers and ideas in this industry


Find writers and ideas in this industry



Freelance content writer for a marketing agency specializing in fitness and wellness. Responsible for writing copy & content for over 10 different social media influencers. Copy consists of marketing emails, social media posts, captions, and website content.

Company: MLK Media

I worked there from 1/2022 until now


Hired by contract with the producer to develop and write TV Pilot. I wrote a 30 minute thriller/comedy called "Doo".


I worked there from 5/2020 until 10/2021

Location Assistant

Location assistant on the show of "Chicago Med" for season 6 & 7. Responsible for signage, traffic flow, and communication on the location sets.

Company: NBC Universal

I worked there from 10/2020 until 4/2022

Content I Write