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What is pedagogical design and why is it important for education
In 1989, the first special work on pedagogical design by a famous pedagogue appeared. A powerful impetus in the development of www.edusharky.com and pedagogical design was the introduction into practice.The essence of pedagogical design is thathypothetical variants of forthcoming activity are created and results of such activity are predicted. The objects of pedagogical design may be pedagogical systems,pedagogical process and pedagogical situations.1.4.2. STAGES OF PEDAGOGICAL DESIGNDesigning pedagogical systems, processes and situations is a complex, multi-stage activity. It is implemented as a number of consecutive 1st stageModeling Stage IIDesigningIII stageConstructionFig. 4. Stages of pedagogical designstages, bringing the development of the upcoming activity from a general idea to a detailed description of specific actions. Three stages of pedagogical design are distinguished (Fig. 4).Pedagogical design is the development of the generalidea of creating a pedagogical system like Edusharky process or situation and the main ways of their implementation. This goal gives rise to ideas aboutof the ways of its achievement in specific conditions of a lesson. The pedagoguedefines some theoretical foundations for the formationThe teacher defines some theoretical foundations of technical thinking, recalls the theory of stage-by-stage formation of mental actions, the main characteristics of technical thinking, and methods of its diagnostics. From here he takes ideas,corresponding with the set goal, and mentally creates hisgoal ideal, i.e., the model of his or her activity with the students.Pedagogical design is the further development of the created model and bringing it to the level of possible practical use. At this stage pedagogical reality is transformed. Since in pedagogy, a modelis mainly made mentally and serves as https://edusharky.com/essay-editing-service and the installation, so the project becomes a mechanism of transformation of the educational process and environment.Pedagogical design is a further refinement of the created project, bringing it closer to implementationin concrete sociocultural and pedagogical conditions.This is already a methodological task.
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