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Writer and researcher for articles, blog posts, case studies etc

About Me

I am a former lawyer, now retired and earning a living as an English teacher and a freelance writer. I'm British but currently live in the Balkans, S.E. Europe. I like it here. For most of the last two years, I have been building my online English teaching business which has been my primary focus up until now. At the same time, though perhaps a little too slowly, I have been working to  establish my "chops" as a freelance writer.  To date, I have focused on business, law, finance and crypto but I consider myself to be adept at research in relation to most topics.

I understand SEO and I can, and do, provide SEO-fiendly articles and blog posts for my clients.

Although I am British, I am just as comfortable in American English as I am in British English.

Industries I Write About


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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

What is a living trust and do I need one?

A blog post for London law firm explaining living (or "family") trusts and their benefits.


Service charge disputes

A blog post for a London law firm explaining what property service charges are and why the so often cause legal disputes.


Most common shareholder disputes and how to resolve them.

A blog post for a London law firm explaining the nature of shareholder disputes and the various methods of resolving the.


The Blockchain Puzzle

A blog post seeking to explain blockchain technology for the uninitiated, principally lawyers.


Get Smart!

A blog post which seeks to explain smart contracts in simple terms for lawyers.


Liability for smart contracts

A blog post which examines the thorny questions of liability when smart contracts go wrong.


The five dysfucntions of a team

A review of Patrick Lencioni's 2002 of the same name and considered a milestone in business management studies.


The Stockman Test

Article for an activist website.



Freelance writer and blogger

Working as a freelance writer and blogger for the past two years.


I worked there from 4/2019 until now

Content I Write