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I write what I know because I know it well.

About Me

I started out writing about my journey with my mental health but I’m passionate about a lot of different things and I’m looking to branch out. I like discussing different aspects of current events, legal issues, civil rights, health, fitness, parenting, music, books, movies, and the list goes on!  

I write from a first person perspective typically but I do well with informational articles that anyone can read. I love doing research and learning about new things so I’m open to quite a bit. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Borderline Personality Disorder

An introduction to what Borderline Personality Disorder is and what I have learned since my diagnosis.


The Mixed Ones

What it's like being a mixed race female who grew up in Minnesota. I discuss how things have changed in my lifetime, specifically with the murders of George Floyd, Daunte Wright, and Amir Locke.




Medium is where I started my writing journey. I have gone in depth on my mental health journey and have more articles planned around other topics.

Company: Medium

I worked there from 4/2022 until now

Content I Write