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Freelance Writer and Creative Professional

About Me

Hi! I'm Pamela, and although I love my work in the mental health field, my true passion is making things happen and solving problems. I do this by using my creative skills and talents. Writing is an art form that can convey emotions, ideas, and stories in ways nothing else can. Although I love to paint and draw, writing enables me to communicate with precision and insight. I love using a palette full of words! I have written two eBooks (so far), multiple blogs, and published professional articles. Topics of great passion and expertise are mindfulness, health, wellness, psychology, and spirituality. I am familiar with SEO having several websites of my own.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



My Writing Samples

Be Here Now: A Guide to Present Moment Living

This article describes how to incorporate mindfulness into daily living. The article introduces the reader to what mindfulness is and offers several easy exercises to follow. Most importantly, the article explains the benefits of mindfulness.


Why Getting Organized Helps Our Mental Health

This article makes connections between our physical space and internal well-being. The premise is that while we do not have control over every external circumstance, we do have control over our own spaces. When we get organized on the outside, we feel better on the inside.


Art Therapy in Treating the Mentally Ill

This is a narrative about the history of art therapy in mental illness treatment. It also explores my work as an art therapist in this milieu.


5 Ways To Stay In The Moment

This piece explores how our hectic world can have adverse effects on us. It makes reference to paying attention and bringing awareness to present moment living- a component of mindfulness.


Active Listening For Healthier Relationships

This article teaches the reader about what active listening is and how to use it in their lives. It gives a background on the clinical background as well as practical examples.



Adjunct Behavioral Therapist, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Responsible for running therapeutic groups of adults 18+ with acute psychiatric illnesses who are committed. Part of an interdisciplinary clinical team including psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers. Responsible for intake assessments, progress notes, and flow sheets.

Company: Saint Clare’s Behavioral Health, Boonton, NJ

I worked there from 12/2018 until now

Program Coordinator, Autism Program, Institute for Child Development

Grant-funded position Write and submit $400K grant reports directly to the state of NJ Liaise with community resources including BCBA professionals Communicate with and direct 300+ patients; counsel families Organize parent workshops and support groups Develop social skills groups for the children in the program Research appropriate resources and vendors for the needs of the patient

Company: Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ

I worked there from 6/2016 until 12/2018

Director of Clinical Services

Supervise and manage master’s level therapists and student interns. Conduct clinical intakes and assessments Program development, contribute to grant writing, and create documentation forms Consult with and counsel family members of children Help with budgets of $500K+ and hiring and training staff/volunteers

Company: Heartsong, Inc., White Plains, NY

I worked there from 6/2010 until 2/2015

Private Practice, art therapy, consulting and supervision

Consultation services for health care, schools, and nonprofits Clinical services of art therapy and psychotherapy Development of creative programs for case management agencies in NJ Clinical supervision and home-based clinical services to children and families in need Design and write training manuals and employee handbooks for nonprofits Write blog articles about clinical issues on the website Conduct training services for artists in residence programs

Company: Colors of Play, LLC, Northern NJ/ NYC Area Nov 2007-present (www.colorsofplay.com)

I worked there from 11/2007 until now

Content I Write