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About Me

     I believe most businesses have something unique about them. It may be buried or so obvious you cannot see it. If relevant I look for that but if something unique doesn’t exist (it happens), I can create an attitude that can elevate your brand and influence target audiences. My writing strength is converting information into understandable, creative content that motivates people to act for further information and/or purchase. Hiring a writer with experience in your business category is logical. Hiring a writer without locked-in perceptions can be an additional plus. Example: at a first meeting with a potential client, an office wall photo piqued my interest. It turned into their key to growth. Within months after direct response ad #1 appeared, more employees were hired; FedEx and UPS picked up several times daily - not just once at day's end; and manufacturers provided better terms because his purchases increased in quantity and frequency. (Read “The Owl That Lifted a Business Off the Ground” at charlesdyner.journoportfolio.com.) 

     I write in multiple media (online; outdoor; direct response; broadcast; articles; brochures; letters; ads) and in multiple styles: informative, wry, upmarket, making technical understandable in B2C/B2B. I researched, scripted and co-produced a documentary - “NYC’s Hidden Histories: Battery Park”; and wrote articles bitingly humorous (“The Hampton’s Street Name Histories”) and straight-forward (“Did ‘Fake News’ Begin With Trump?”). 

     I’ve written for national brands while working at large NYC ad agencies and regional brands in my own agency.  I look forward to bringing something unique to your project(s). And as my introduction to ndash marketers, deduct 11% off my listed prices for your first assignment. 

See samples of my strategic thinking and creative writing for clients in the Financial, Medical, Technical, Foods and Entertainment fields at:  charlesdyner.journoportfolio.com

Industries I Write About




Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

MCA Music

How Monsters Got Deals Done for MCA Music


The Owl That Lifted a Business Off The Ground

A customer story cemented the importance of relationships and influenced new customers.


The Hampton's Hidden Street Name Histories

Who'd have thought!!


Stern & Kennedy - NYSE Specialists

The risks are great, the rewards greater.


Comprehensive Orthopedics

Persevering for positive outcomes


Heliopan camera lens professional filters (made in Germany)

Your chances of finding digital filters better than Heliopan? Slim and None.



The World's Oldest Confection


Did Fake News Begin with Trump?

Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, Benjamin Franklin, the media et al.


Bavaria's "Other" High-Performance Vehicle: Heliopan filters.

Heliopan was unknown to American professional photographers. How better for instant recognition than to associate accurately on a much better-known Bavarian neighbor?


Talk to the NYSE Floor

After the contents of this brochure were read by the client, they forwarded them to their attorneys for compliance with NYSE and SEC standards. After the attorneys completed their analysis, the client forwarded them to me. I read them several times and told the client to not publish the brochure at all if they followed the attorneys' version; that it so watered down the content as to be saying literally nothing. And that I would not charge them anything. OR they could send my original version to




Results-oriented creative writer and strategist for product/services companies and ad agencies, including financial services; retail; entertainment; manufacturer; distributor; foods; etc. Adapts content to alternate audiences in competitive, upmarket, wry and informative writing styles. Makes technical understandable. Helped increase client sales and profit margins, improved client image, overcame competition, influenced/educated target audiences, achieved or exceeded objectives.

Company: Charles Dyner - freelance writer

I worked there from 1/2021 until now


Created multimedia communications and marketing strategies for: Stern & Kennedy (NYSE specialists); Dynalite; Heliopan (both professional photography products); Greenbaum Interiors (high-end home furnishings retailer); Sports Orthopedics; Vernon Display Graphics (printer); New Jersey Frames & Moulding.

Company: Kensing Lawson Advertising

I worked there from /2010 until /2021

Creative Director

Created branding concepts/communications for MCA Music; Holiday Inn Crown Plaza (NYC); Rimowa luggage; Minox and Rollei cameras: La Vosgienne and Flavigny candies; Major Grey chutney; M&M Photo (retail) and Unique Photo (retail) - not simultaneously; Washington Forge cutlery; Frankel & Co. (NYSE special trade executioners); Tri-Centennial (real estate).

Company: Dyner, Inc. Advertising

I worked there from /1998 until /2009


Worked on General Electric (home appliances); Pillsbury; Getty Oil; Utica Club Beer; New York Magazine; Volvo; Daily News; Drake's Cakes; Domecq Wines & Liquors; Loew's Hotels; U.S. Postal Service; Dodge; ADC Sound Shapers (electronics); Talon (zippers).

Company: BBDO; DKG; Scali McCabe Sloves; Needham, Harper, Steers; (all NYC)

I worked there from /1991 until /1998

Content I Write